A post low on words. Big on photos! First up – a look back on 2018 through photographs. Then, my favourite photos of 2018. Finally, I’ll take a look at the statistics and see what my most popular photos were. Let’s get to it!

A Look Back at 2018


Winter gives us a brief tease. (Taken in Wolfville on January 6th, the day I dropped off some art at a community art show.)

Winter in Wolfvile


The first Broken Leg Theatre show of the year! (February 17th; Wolfville.)

Dancing Sisters


Winter arrives for real. Just in time for spring. I went out and played with LEGO! Added the fire in Photoshop. (Obviously.) (March 10th.)

Snowtroopers Engaged


We explored Hants County and found this cool camera obscura! (April 29th)

Curves No. 15 - Obscura


Took a nice long, long, looooong walk through Kings County. This is the church at the Grand Pre National Historic Site of Canada. (May 28th; Grand Pre.)

Church at Grand Pre


Took part in the Brigadoon Wine & Dash. I did not dash. (June 3rd; Wolfville.)

Lightfoot & Wolfville


On one of our trip to the city, we visited the cemetery where the Titantic victims are buried. (July 2nd; Halifax.)

Jack Dawson


In August, I hosted a photo walk. This image was shot blind, through a window I was too short to see through. It was definitely my favourite of the walk, and one of my favourites of the year. (August 19th; Lawrencetown.)



A fun trip to a Sunflower maze! (September 3rd; Hants County.)

Field of Sunflowers


Another month, another photo outing. This time: a tour of Lightfoot and Wolfville winery. (October 20th; Wolfville.)

Around the Corner


My trip to Jordan. I visited Halifax; Arras and Paris, France; and various sites around Jordan. This is one of my favourite photographs from the trip, even if the post-processing isn’t the best. (November 20th, Petra, Jordan.)

Bedouin Eyes


Between editing the trip photos and being sick, I took no new photos of note in December. :(

My Favourite Photos

In no particular order…

I love the fog and the colour in this photo. (February 15th; Kentville.)

Foggy Cemetery

A backstage shot at FemFest – a variety show. (September 21st; Wolfville.)

Stealth Mode No. 1

An early morning shot of the River Seine. (November 13th, Paris.)

Sepia Paris

I was so pleased with this shot of Mother Canada, on the Vimy Memorial. (November 10th, Vimy Ridge.)

Mother Canada at Night

As much as I tried to pick more photos that were NOT from my trip… well, it’s nice that such an expensive trip produced some good photographs. (November 19th; Wadi Rum, Jordan.)

Sunrise in Wadi Rum

Most Popular Photographs of 2018

The most popular photograph from my entire Flickr Stream. Yoga from 2014 and my trip to Nicaragua. This is consistently my most popular photograph.


Most Popular Photo Posted in 2018. The Atlantic Ocean, taken in 2010 on my Holga film camera, but not posted until 2018.

The Atlantic Ocean

Top Five Photos Taken in 2018. LEGOs are clearly where it’s at. In order of popularity.

Snowtroopers Engaged
Lunar Lander
Spring Fairy
On Patrol
Angie Stacked

Most Popular Photos of All Time

In order of popularity.


Smiling Happy People
Abbey Ruins
The Family
BB-8 My Valentine

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