favourite blog posts of 2016

Today, we return to 2016 through my blog posts. I’ll include links to my favourite blog posts of 2016. First, I’ll include the most popular posts. Next, the runners up and, finally, my favourite post! They all seem to come from the first half of the year. I guess that means I slacked off the rest of the year. Or maybe I just didn’t have anything as interesting to write about?

I had about 4,000 views on my blogs this year (main blog plus my cross stitch blog). It’s not a lot, but good for where I’m at, I think!

The most popular post was this one about my cross stitch process:

How I Track Cross Stitch Progress

That was followed close behind by this cross stitch project:

Mystery VIII Tryout

It seems like I need to blog more about cross stitch in 2017! Not sure that will happen. My goal is three posts a week this year, which may be difficult. Between available time and available ideas, this will be a challenge for me.

Favourite Blog Posts of 2016: The Runners Up

Three Months Ago, in Istanbul

7 (Lucky?) Photography Tips

Photography With a Friend: Sherbrooke Village Museum

Light as Subject: An Assignment

Tiny Worlds

My Favourite Post of 2016

Sanctuary in the Wood

What kinds of things would you like to see on the blog in 2017?

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