One of my favourite things to do when the family is all together is play darts.

It’s not very often that the family is altogether anymore  Though I suppose it’s more often than a lot of families.  Events and holidays have me coming back to stay with the parentals every 6 to 8 weeks or so.  Sometimes that corresponds to when dad is home from his long-haul trucking gig.  Add on to that that between my brother having a painting station set up in the basement for a while before he moved it upstairs, and a small basement flood that happened before Christmas and it’s been a while since we’ve been able to play!

Luckily, we were all together this weekend and we were finally able to flex our throwing arms.  Dad and I were playing against against my mum and brother and we won the night!

I’m not the best player around, but I’m not bad.  I have issues finishing or getting specific scores, but my average is usually in the high 30’s (tonight it was 39) so that’s not too bad.

Are you a dart player?  What are your favourite pastimes to do as a family?

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