experimenting with street photography

Last weekend, I spent the weekend in Halifax and had about a day and half of time to kill on my own, no appointments. What was I do? Shoot! Specially, I decided to try experimenting with street photography.

Experimenting with Street Photography

Street photography is an area of photography that I think I can improve on – and would like to improve on. Doors? Check. Window reflections? Getting there. Signs. Big check!

But things like people, interesting store front compositions. I need to work on that. I made some baby steps this weekend, although I don’t have a lot of keepers to show for it. I had a few hours to kill at the airport while I waited for someone to arrive. While I waited, I played around with shooting people walking through at area near security. During my free day, I sat in the front window at Tim Horton’s on Spring Garden Road and shot people walking down the sidewalk. My last day, I just took a really really long walk through the North End. I got a lot of signs and doors, but not a lot of what I’d call ‘street photography’.

Still had issues with including people in the photos, especially that wasn’t just of people’s backs. I just need more confidence in that regard.

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