After years of trying to get there, I finally went to check out the Eagle Watch today.  Eagles are prevalent in the area at this time of year and for two weekends during their peak time the community of Sheffield Mills organizes a festival of sorts.  They put out food in the mornings to lure the eagles out into the open for the waiting photographers.  Some people spend hours waiting for the perfect shot and today the eagles were being sneaky.  Photography courses and presentations were offered and Henry’s was out letting people experiment with some nice telephoto lenses.  There are also lots of community breakfasts and dinners around the area (we went to the yummy pancake breakfast in the main community hall) and displays, art and vendors set up.  Andy and Ariana played in the food hall.

I’m not skilled (or patient!) enough for wildlife photography, especially when the eagles don’t cooperate.  I went for the experience and to get the other shots that are a part of the weekend.

If you’re a local photographer, it’s a great venue!  Also, the Kings County Photo Club still has lots of workshops planned over the next couple of days as well as a contest.  Check their site for more info.  While the eagles will still be around for a while, the final ‘official’ Eagle Watch days for 2012 are January 29 and February 4th & 5th.  If you didn’t go today, I suggest the 4th for a well rounded experience or the 5th if you just want the eagles!

Oh… and I suppose I can’t leave off without posting a REAL eagle, so….

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