dreams versus memory

I have a horrible memory. It’s actually why I started taking pictures in the first place – as a reminder of places I’ve been. I’ve actually forgotten a lot of interesting places I’ve been to, until I came across a photo of the outing. So, what happens when you add a lot of travelling on top of that? Confusion, that’s what.


I woke up this morning with the memory of a dream of going on a nice hike. I’ve been on this hike lots of times before. It’s a long walk through the woods. At a fork in the path you can go one way to get to a waterfall, and the other way for a nice view of the valley. I thought to myself, ‘yeah, you know what? I’ve not been on a nice hike in a while, I should do that today if it’s nice!.’ I’ll get some great photos!


Then I thought to myself… ‘wait. Why don’t I have any photos of this spot already? It’s like my favourite spot.’ I mentally went through my Lightroom catalogue (I’ve been through the entire catalogue enough lately that I would remember a photo shoot here.) Nope. No photos. Huh. That’s weird. I can’t imagine that I wouldn’t have brought a camera at least once.

And, actually, where is the path? Is it even in Nova Scotia? Maybe it’s from my time in Germany. I was shooting film back then, and I was mostly just shooting on trips. But where we lived was flatter than Saskatchewan. My last thought was… Alberta? I was always in the woods back then.

Maybe… maybe I made it up? dammit. I really want to do that hike!

I’m 90% certain I made this place up and have dreamed about it many times. This annoys me… There’s still that 10% chance I’ll remember where it actually is though…



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