Doors Open Halifax

Yesterday, a carload of us headed to the city for Doors Open Halifax 2017. I thought I’d share it as part of the My Sunday Photos and Shadow Shot Sundays blog link ups.

Doors Open Halifax 2017

I tagged along with my friend, her mom, and her mom’s friend on their excursion to Doors Open Halifax 2017. This is a weekend when all sorts of buildings across the city open their doors to visitors, for free. These are venues that either waive entrance fees for the weekend or open up areas normally closed to the public. Others are only open to visitors in this way for this one weekend each year.

As I was just tagging along, I didn’t check out the list of venues beforehand. I went to whatever they had on their plan.

Greek Shadows
This was our list (in order):

  1. Halifax City Hall
  2. Government House
  3. HMCS Sackville – except it was ‘closed for filming today’? Seriously? You participate in a two-day event, but close on one day? They really should have either not participated, or ensured the DOH site specified they were open only one day. At least we didn’t come in just for that.
  4. Lunch at Scotia Square * (I had Turkish food)
  5. Halifax Citadel Northfront Casemates (underwhelming)
  6. St. George’s Anglican Church (my favourite of the day!)
  7. Little Dutch Church
  8. St. George’s Greek Orthodox Church
  9. The Dingle Tower
  10. Ice cream and walkies through the Public Gardens *

Then we drove back to the valley, stopping in Wolfville for supper, beer, and music at La Torta.

* not actually part of Doors Open Halifax
Arch ShadowsBoth of these shadow shots were taken at St. George’s Greek Orthodox Church.

More photos from the day:

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