a day in my life in January 2017

Last year I introduced you to Decade Thirty and her daily journal prompt cycles. My days don’t necessarily match up with hers and, while she’s revised the list for 2017, I’m still using her list from 2016. Some of them make great blog posts! Like Monday’s – an internal time lapse. The actual prompt is to record one thought per hour. Blerg. Not interested. I usually revise that to be ‘record what I’m doing each hour’. That prompt then lends itself to a visual recording of the day, much like my Day in the Life of Kentville. Unfortunately, my schedule isn’t always conducive to snapping photos all the time. This day, however, I was working in the library. Perfect! So, I bring you: A day in my life… in pictures.

(Hover over the photos and you should get a description.)

A Day in My Life – Monday, 23 January 2017




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