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As you know, if you read this blog, I enjoy photography and travelling. I try and get out (or in my ‘studio’) and shoot something every week. Sometimes, I spend money on outings or photography tours, on supplies for experiments, or replacement equipment. I’ve got to admit that I shouldn’t really be spending so much money on my photography. I’ve held back in some cases, even from purchasing things I need for my art – like replacing my broken camera. In the past, I have run crowdfunding campaigns to help pay for specific projects – my trip to Nicaragua, to Europe. Last year, however, I did a soft launch of a new project that people can contribute to. Crowdfunding on Patreon allows you to support my photography goals on a monthly basis – as much as you want, for as long as you want. As with my other crowdfunding projects, contributors receive various kinds of thank you gifts in return.

I’d like to start of 2017 with a bang, and get you all on board!

Support me on Patreon

Let me tell you a bit more.

Crowdfunding on Patreon

This project is all about sharing my photography with more people. Except in special circumstances, my photography can be viewed for free on  Flickr. I believe, however, that photographs should be printed and displayed and used! Not to mention that for me, photography is not a cheap hobby.

Keeping all that in mind, I have three main goals for this Patreon:

  1. Share physical photographs with more people.  (Prove me wrong when I tell my family ‘no one wants to buy my photos’ when they say I should sell them!)
  2. Recoup current expenses.
  3. Purchase materials for new experiments, buy new gear, travel to new and interesting places.

This means the money I raise through this site will be re-invested in my creative pursuits: travel, supplies and equipment, and the opportunity to spend more time on my art. It will allow me the freedom and flexibility to grow in these areas. And to share more with you! Thank you!

I try and go out to shoot at least once a week. Photos are processed as soon as possible and uploaded to Flickr. I plan to continue brief weekly updates on Patreon for the public and I often blog about these outings. Once a month, I plan to post a more in-depth round-up of my month, photographically. This includes heads-up, and sometimes exclusive, updates and news. Patrons at higher levels will receive additional, exclusive, content.  And of course, there are physical rewards – that is, after all, goal number one for this project!

Rewards for Patrons

As I mentioned, all patrons receive thank you gifts. These gifts differ depending on your level of support. Digital rewards, discounts, cards, calendars, and more. You can read more about the rewards on the Patreon page, but here’s a quick chart to give you an idea.


The more support I receive through this project, the more I’ll be able to do.

Other Ways to Help

If you can’t afford to contribute, I totally understand. I’ve had to pull back my own support of other creators in the last few months. Just telling others about my project can be a big help!

As always, you can shop for cards, prints, or whatever else I happen to be listing, on eBay. For those in my area, do contact me first and save some money!

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I appreciate your support, in whatever form it comes in!

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