Inheriting family cameras. This camera and accessories belong to my grandfather.

For anyone who doesn’t know, June 19th was Father’s Day. It was also my mum’s birthday. I’m not quite sure when it started, but it has become a tradition to go on excursions for her birthday and Mother’s Day. With these two special days falling on the same date, I came up with a day of activities that they would both enjoy (I hoped!). The day was fun for the whole family, and held surprises for each us.

Oldsmobile on display at a Father's Day weekend show and shine.The day started out with a visit to the MacDonald Museum, in Middleton for a show and shine car show. That was fun, though I didn’t take as many photos as I thought I would.

I had mentioned Johnny’s, in Berwick, and how great their food is. We made a detour there for some beer fries! I wish we’d had ice cream, too, but we were on our way to lunch in…

Hall’s Harbour. We usually go here a couple of times a year and, usually on Mother’s Day, have a meal. This year, I saved it for her birthday because it fell on Father’s Day and I thought dad would enjoy that as well.

Our last stop was Wolfville, a place my mum loves. They had a couple of hours to enjoy the town and then they had free tickets to Broken Leg Theatre. I was there to shoot the show. It’s not really their thing but I had made this commitment and, hey, the tickets were free! Thankfully, they actually enjoyed it for the most part. WIN!


Of course, my parents both received gifts for their respective days of awesome – books, memberships, games. The gift giving didn’t stop there, however.

While in Wolfville, my brother was looking at some games. Specifically, he was eye-ing the Dice Masters starter sets. He didn’t buy one; instead he just purchased some booster packs for the one I have. I was a bit worried, however, as this isn’t the first time he’s mentioned buying it. This was a problem as there was a starter set in my closet that was to be his birthday present. I figured I’d better give it to him now, just in case, although it will make for a pretty boring birthday.

But what about me!? I want presents! :P In fact, I was the first person to receive gifts over the weekend.

Camera Collection Additions

One of the first things to happen when I arrived at my parents’ house was that mum sat me down and gave me two cameras. Woo! New additions to my camera collection! More important, however, these cameras would mean inheriting family cameras. These belonged to my grandparents. The first was a small, completely automatic Praktica 35mm point & shoot that belonged to my grandmother.

Inheriting family cameras. This camera and accessories belong to my grandfather.The second camera belonged to my grandfather. He was clearly into photography more than his wife! This was a 35mm Praktica BC 1 SLR with lots of additional lenses and accessories. I’m looking forward to using both of these!

Finally, I received a camera bag (aside from the ones the cameras came in). I’d brought a backpack for my gear and supplies for our excursions and the show, but it was way too big! I asked if anyone had a small pack or bag I could use and my brother let me borrow a small camera pack. It was just big enough for my camera, an extra lens and a few small accessories. I fell in love, especially with the side entry that meant I didn’t have to take it off to get into it. After mentioning how much I loved it, my brother let me keep it!

If you’d like to see the rest of my cameras (24, now!), check out my Camera Collection.

All of that happened on Saturday, June 18th. For the actual day, we stayed home, put the gazebo up on the deck and played games. Father’s Day Weekend 2016 was fun and, as it turned out, lucrative for everyone. :)

Did you do anything interesting for Father’s Day? 

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