broken leg theatre - february 2017

I was happy to be back shooting Broken Leg Theatre, Wolfville’s variety show, this month. Camera’s still broken, but that didn’t seem to slow me down at all.

Broken Leg Theatre “Rooster” features a bunch of dance acts, as well as skits, monologues, and music. We had regulars like Dance ConXion, and new and interesting acts such as some “Bollywood Dancers”.

I don’t have too much to say about the event this time – I didn’t have any particular goals (aside from ‘get good shots of all the acts’) or difficulties. I just worked the scene and the acts and was pretty happy with the results. One thing that was different than usual: I changed lenses a lot.. Usually when I want to get a wide shot (when there are a lot of performers on stage at once) I move up the steps of the theatre. This time, I made quick lens changes instead (from the 50mm I usually use to the 18-55mm, and then back.) After changing a couple of times I ended up just sticking with the zoom. I felt like I was really loud with the lens changes backstage. This also meant that I got to take advantage of the auto focus.

Broken Leg Theatre – Rooster

I loved the costumes of the “Bollywood Dancers”.
All Smiles

The shadows and this stage always make me want to drool. Though it does seem a bit dirty for those poor dancers. I still hope they never clean it.

Stage Shadows

Valley Ghost Walks are always a good act. Their lighting is always so dark, however, that I find it challenging to get good photos.

Ghostly Shadows

Who doesn’t enjoy tap dancers?
Warm-up Taps

As always, you can check out my favourite photos from the event over on Flickr, and all the photos I delivered on Broken Leg Theatre’s Facebook Page.

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