Board Games Day May 2017

Board Games Day was almost too big this month. We have a couple of friends who will soon be moving out of the country for a few years. We thought it might nice to get together for games before they left. Six people was stretching it a bit for my apartment, but I was determined to make it work! In the end, my brother Tristan and his girlfriend couldn’t make it, so it was just four of us anyway. :) Friend, Cristina (she’s an awesome food blogger! Check her out!) and her husband, and myself.

We played a lot of short games, so we were able to fit a lot in this month!


Storytelling card game.  Cristina’s choice. Winner: Friend

Not going to say too much about Gloom as I talked about last games day. :)  I think this was the least gloomy go-round of this game I’ve played. So much joy!


Marrying Mr. Darcy

Card game.  Husband’s choice.  Winner: Husband.

Friend and I have actually played this game once before, back before one of our original games group moved away. Marrying Mr. Darcy, based on the Pride and Prejudice novel, is certainly not a game I would ever choose, but it’s actually not too bad to play. Dare I say, it might even be fun? The point of the game is to get enough points of cunning, wit, dowry, friendship, reputation, etc. to attract the best suitors and accept the perfect marriage proposal. The card flavour text and actions are quirky and fun and I think if you had read the book (I haven’t) you would get even more out of it.

I did horrible. It took me a few turns to get a good idea of how best to play the game. After that point, I just didn’t have any luck with my card draws and dice rolls. I ended up marrying the guy that everyone else seemed to hate. But then at least I got married (which is kind of the point of the game.)

Interestingly, when searching Board Game Geek, I see there’s an undead expansion (for P&P&Zombies, I’m sure). That sounds interesting.

Marrying Mr. Darcy
My character and her new husband.


(Not the Turbo edition we played before.)

Party Game.  Friend’s pick.  Winners: Cristina & her husband.

I enjoyed this version of Cranium more than the one my family owns. There’s only one category of questions that I disliked as opposed to the two or three I always veto in the Turbo version. We played in teams – Cristina and her husband, and Friend and I.

This was Friend’s game and she picked it up for $3 at Value Village. I think $3 was too much. She’d had to create her own board, the cards didn’t come in boxes or anything to cover the answers, and there was only one player token. We used a couple of my Star Wars LEGO mini-figs.  This is not my favourite game, at all. Luckily Friend is an artist and I’m good at trivia, so we seem to muddle through okay.

Tiny Epic Galaxies

Strategy and placement game.  My choice.  Winner: Husband

I really enjoy this game, although I don’t seem to be very good at it. But that’s alright, at least it’s one of those games that I enjoy even if I never win it. (Unlike some games *cough*pandemic*cough*. Oh, excuse me. I guess I still have a bit of that cold.)


Co-operative murder mystery.  Cristina’s pick.  We won!

So Friend died. It was very sad. She died – was murdered! – and turned into a ghost. In Mysterium, she communicated with the rest of us – psychics – through silent visions (beautiful Dixit-like cards)  to solve her murder.

The artwork was amazing and that had me wanting to own it even before we started playing. It was fun, quick, and not at all like Clue, like I thought it was going to be. Everyone works together to solve the mystery, but there are victory points to award an overall winner if desired. Thankfully we solved her murder. Woot!

Exploding Kittens

Card game.  Husband’s choice and win.

Of course, we played the NSFW version of Exploding Kittens. Because it’s hilarious. It’s a fun game, but for sure the best part is reading the cards. With enthusiasm. “Stop going pee-pee in the ocean!”


The point of Exploding Kittens, basically, is to use the cards you draw to avoid the horrible Exploding Kitten. If you get an exploding kitten and can’t defuse the bomb in time, you’re out. My defuse card got stolen pretty early, so it’s no surprise that I didn’t win.

Marvel’s Legendary

Co-operative Deck Building Game.  Friend’s pick.  Winner: no one. We lost. We lost real hard.

Legendary is a pretty popular game in our group. It seems like we play some kind of Deck Building game every month and this month, this was the only one we had. Cristina and husband hadn’t played it before. (If you haven’t, either, you can read more about it from when we played it back in December.) This turned out to be very unfortunate because we pulled probably the worst combination of Scheme, villains, and heroes I’ve ever had.

It was real bad. I mean, we did manage to get rid of one Mastermind card, so I suppose it could be worse.

We lost so hard, we didn’t even bother to count our Victory Points.  I promise, Cristina, it’s usually much more fun!

We had to Knock Out (get rid of) sooo many heroes.

Doctor Who Yahtzee

Classic Dice Game.  My choice.  Winner: husband

So, for my pick, I was going to choose Munchkin. We felt so screwed over by the last game, though, that I didn’t want to choose a game where the point is to screw people over. We were also coming to the end of the day and everyone had a time they had to leave. In the end I went with Yahtzee. Doctor Who Yahtzee to be precise. Can’t go wrong with with Yahtzee!

When we play Yahtzee as a family, we play triple Yahtzee, which gives you a lot more leeway with horrible rolls. Single Yahtzee is so hard! If my math was right (no calculator FTW!) I missed my top half by one point!

Batman Dice Game

Dice Game.  Friend’s pick.  Winner: Guess. Yep, husband!

It was 4:30. Friend had to leave in 30 minutes. It was supposed to be Cristina’s pick and her pick was dishes. That’s a horrible game. I assured her that wasn’t necessary; I would do it later that night while listening to podcasts. (Note: It’s Monday morning and I still haven’t done them.) Friend suggested Batman Dice, as it was super quick.  Games are way better than dishes.

She said it was like Zombie Dice, although I haven’t played that. Basically you roll dice to steal money and hope Batman doesn’t find you. It was pretty fun. It did pretty good. Not good enough, though.

Board Games Day Results

It was awesome to see our friends before they left. I wish we’d been able to have them over for games day long before now, but better late than never?

Me  1/9

Friend  3/9

Cristina  2/9

Husband  6/9

Hrm… the only reason I didn’t get skunked was thanks to the Co-op game win. Thank goodness for that!

Sorry these ‘reviews’ were sort this month. I’m still trying to catch up on things…

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