board games day march 2017

Board games day almost didn’t happen this month. I’m prepping for my trip in a few weeks, our fourth wasn’t able to make it, friend is swamped with school. Knowing we wouldn’t be playing games next month, however, we really wanted to make the day happen. In the end, friend, brother (Tristan – because ‘it’s weird to just call me brother’), our mum, and I took part in games day this month.

Trivial Pursuit

Trivia game (obviously)

Friend got first pick and chose Trivial Pursuit. This was her game and it was an 80’s version. Also included in the box (though I doubt it was original to the box) was a set of youth trivia cards. We decided to use those ones.

A classic game, it was one we played as a family a lot when I was growing up. That was, until I found out that my dad doesn’t really like it. So it’s been a while since I’ve played and it was fun to return to it! The ‘kids’ trivia questions had a few gimmies, obviously, but most of them took some thought to answer, others random lucky guesses, and quite a few we got wrong. Or maybe we’re just not very smart?

I proved to be the smartest… this go ’round anyway.

trivial pursuit


Co-operative dice game

Mum chose Tristan’s game ‘Fuse‘ next. This is a quick (there’s a 10 minute timer), intense, loud (between the app, the dice, and the yelling) dice game where everyone is working together to disarm all the ‘bombs’ in the card deck. It was the perfect game to play while our lunch cooked. We played on ‘expert’ mode. Players are dealt two cards with squares that dice need to be matched to. When a card is successfully completed, it is swapped out for a new card from a row of face-up cards in the middle of the table, and a new one replaces this from the deck. This continues until the last card of the deck is flipped over. The app not only acts as a timer, but keeps track of your stats and gives you a score and a ranking against your other attempts.

I really enjoy this game and we’ve been known to play it several times in a row. It’s one of those games that even when we lose, I still have fun.

This time, however, we did win (with two seconds to spare! Very action-movie-y)!


Memoir ’44


When Friend and I played games with her cousin, back in December, our last game of the night had been Memoir ’44. I really enjoyed the game and the options for expansion. I liked it so much, in fact, that when I was in the city a couple of weeks ago, I returned to the Board Room Game Cafe to buy it. Tristan picked this game to play next. It was his pick so we let him choose team mates and sides. He and mum played the Allies (specifically in this scenario, the Americans) and Friend and I were the Nazis.

The Nazis won. Friend and I are unsure how we feel about that.

We played the second scenario in the book – Saint Mere-Eglise. I discussed the game play in the post for that previous games day. One thing I would add now is the quality of the terrain reference cards. These tell you how the specific terrain influences the battle. We found that the cards were a bit ambiguous, and it was best to read the book to get clarification.

I basically want all possible expansions of this game. So, you know, if you’re thinking of buying me a gift….

Memoir '44


Storytelling card game

Tristan stepped out for a little bit, so I chose a game I didn’t think he’d like – Gloom. Turns out I was wrong, because he came back about half way through the game and by the end of it, he was wanting to own it himself. My bad!

In Gloom, your goal is to have your entire family be as miserable as possible when they die, while trying to ensure that your opponents’ families die happy. You place cards with negative self-worth on your own characters, while doing the opposite to the other characters, and kill them off at the perfect time. Each card has quirky events that happen to the characters. I generally just play by the numbers, but to fully appreciate the game, you weave a story with the cards.

Mum was the gloomiest of them all!


Monty Python Fluxx

Card game

Friend had the last pick of games day proper. She chose her game Monty Python Fluxx. I enjoy a good game of Fluxx. I’ve played Cthulhu Fluxx and Star Fluxx. This was my first time playing the Monty Python version, and it’s my favourite. It’s properly silly. I’m not very good at the game, but it’s always a fun time.

It’s a game continuously, well, in flux. The game starts with the basic rules – draw one card, play one card. As cards are played, the rules and win conditions change.

Friend is clearly silly. She won!

Monty Python Fluxx

Marvel’s Legendary

Deck building game

Mum and Tristan headed out after Fluxx, but Friend decided to stay for one last game and she chose Marvel’s Legendary. This was a games day staple, at least until Tristan purchased the DC Deck Building game.

In Legendary, as with most deck building games, you are buying cards to build your deck. That deck helps you achieve the most Victory Points and win! In this case, that means you need to defeat all the masterminds before ‘evil wins’ (the evil win condition is noted on the scenario you chose). This part is collaborative. You collect VP by defeating both masterminds and regular villains and the person with the most VP is the indivdiual winner.

Our Mastermind (Dr. Doom) defeated us, but I ended up with the most victory points, so I’m claiming the win for official Board Games Day Results stats. :)

Marvel's Legendary

Board Games Day Results

Even though we were all super busy this month, it was good to get together and play some games! Games day won’t return until May. Here are today’s results. I included percentages this time, because we didn’t all play the same number of games.

Me 4/6 66%

Tristan 1/4 25%

Friend 3/6 50%

Mum 2/5 40%

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