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This month’s board games day took place at Brother’s house. We had me, FriendBrother, and Brother’s Girlfriend. It was a short day, so we only managed to get three games in.  I’m also currently dealing with some massive hardware failure issues, so I’m not too sad that this will be a shorter post!

Mille Bornes

Card game

Mille Brones is a classic game in our family. We’ve been playing it ever since I can remember. One day, Brother brought it to games day and it because a favourite there as well. It was Brother’s pick. With four players, we play in teams: Brother and I (“Lees’) and Friend and Girlfriend (Interlopers).

The ‘Lees’ won! woot!

mille bornes

Resident Evil

Deck building card game

Friend chose to fight zombies with Resident Evil. This was her game and she wanted to play a different style and scenario than we usually do. We randomly chose ‘Jack of all trades’ in, I believe, Mercenary mode. I couldn’t give you a good review of either of those, however, because we sort of rushed through reading the rules and it turns out we were pretty much making stuff up. It was fun anyway though, and once we realized what we’d done, but continued to play with our own rules anyway, we could still get a good idea of how the game would normally play.

We played in teams. (At this point, I have no idea if that was what we were supposed to do or not, but it was fun!). It was village (Brother and Girlfriend – who live in the village) against town (Friend and I who live in a town about minutes away).

The only thing I really didn’t like about it, that I don’t remember from the regular style and scenario, is the amount of stats that I had to keep track of. Maybe other people wouldn’t need to write down so many things, but I was losing count and getting confused. A player score mat would be helpful for this game.

Winners: Team Town.

resident evil

Tiny Epic Galaxies

Strategy and placement game

Last month, I mentioned that I’d picked up Tiny Epic Galaxies at the Board Room Game Cafe. Although no one had chosen it by the time my pick came around, I knew everyone was excited to play it, so that’s what I chose for what would be our final game of the day.

I really enjoy this game, though strange enough I’m not a fan of the other ‘Tiny Epic’ games (Defender and Kingdoms) even though they are more or less the same game with different themes and only slightly different mechanics. We played this for the first time with our retired games group member and Brother and I immediately wanted to own it. But it was out of print already by that time! – oh noes!

Thankfully, it’s back in print now (obviously) and I picked it up as soon as I found that out.

The card art is amazing and I love the ‘tiny’ but ‘epic’ game design. There’s even a solo player option, which is awesome.  It’s also fun to throw the dice and  move my ships around the galaxies. This is definitely one of my favourite games!

Too bad I didn’t win. That honour went back to Friend.

tiny epic galaxies

Board Games Day Results

As I mentioned, this was a really short day (but a few games are better than no games!) so we only got through three games. Two of those games were played in teams.s

Me 2/3

Brother 1/3

Friend 2/3

Girlfriend 0/3

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