Happy Board Games Day

Thanks to various life things, our board games group hasn’t met since the spring! Various members of the group have played together as time allowed, but we haven’t had the actual gang together for a while.

Schedules let us get together after Christmas. Since our last Games Day, we’ve all got a load of new games so we decided it was ‘all new games all the time’. We just worked through the pile, so there were no picks.

We also decided to do two days! Thus – Board Games Day Extravaganza. Players came and went as they wished and we played from 4pm to 4am Friday evening/night and 11 am to 2am Saturday/Saturday night. Players were:

  • Me
  • Mum
  • Dad
  • Brother
  • Friend

The Board Games

Action News

Party Game / Players: Me, Friend, Mum / Winner: Me

A judged game in the vein of Cards Against Humanity, Action News is a card game based on actual television news stories. Players use cards available on the table to create (usually) hilarious stories. After all the reporters are finished reading the stories they’ve written, the news anchor picks a favourite and that player is the anchor for the next round.

I purchased the game on Kickstarter. It’s the developer’s second game. Their first (The Contender) seems like it was very similar, but based on presidential debates. That didn’t interest me, but Action News sounded interesting. It’s not bad, and it’s fun to read about different news stories through the year. It’s definitely not a favourite, however, and now that everyone’s played it once, I’m not sure anyone will ever pick it again.

Monopoly Deal

Card Game / Players: Me, Dad, Friend, Brother / Winner: Dad

Like Monopoly, but hate how long it takes, or all that bartering you have to do to play the game? Monopoly Deal is for you! It’s quick, easy, and just have to play the cards your dealt. I really enjoyed it.

Doodle Dice

Dice Game
Game 1 – Players: Me, Dad, Friend, Brother / Winner: Me
Game 2 – Players: Me, Friend / Winner: Me

Doodle Dice is a super fun dice game that feels like a cross between Fuze, Yahtzee and Pictionary. The dice have a different shape on each side. There are a set of cards on the table that have pictures created using the different sides of the dice. Players roll the dice and try to collect the dice required to create one of the pictures. The first one to collect one card of each colour is the winner. It’s usually a pretty quick game and we really quite enjoy it!

Carcassonne (Bridges & Castles expansion)

Strategy Game / Players: Me, Dad, Friend, Brother / Winner: Dad

Carcassonne is a staple game in our family so, really, it didn’t really fit for the theme of this Board Games Extravaganza (and Friend argued as much). However, the family got a couple of new expansions for the game and we played one of them – Expansion 8: Bridges, Castles and Bazaars (but we didn’t play with the Bazaar mechanic). I purchased the expansion because I thought the bridges would be helpful, when the board starts getting cluttered and tile placement gets hard. The castles are simply bonus points. It seems like a good expansion.

I… forgot to take a photo. Blogger Fail.

Terraforming Mars

Strategy Game / Players: Me, Dad, Friend, Mum / Winner: Dad

Terraforming Mars is a family favourite – every time I’m visiting them we play Mars and Trains (Terraforming Mars and Ticket to Ride) – but it’s the first for Friend. I think she’ll need to play it at least once more to really decide if she likes it or not. Basically you take play as one of several corporations working to terraform Mars and play cards to increase the water, oxygen, and temperature to make the planet completely livable. You’re working together to terraform the planet, but the person with the most victory points wins.


Strategy Game
Game 1: Players: Me, Friend, Brother / Winner: Brother
Game 2: Players: Me, Friend / Winner: Friend

Friend and I played Istanbul: The Dice Game just the week prior to this at the Board Room Game Cafe in the city. I liked it so much I purchased it before we left. It’s a dice version of the original Istanbul game which I liked fine, but not enough to really play again. This is much like Pandemic: The Cure – the dice game version of the pandemic board game.

In Istanbul, you win by collecting the most rubies. You purchase rubies with the dice and other resources, and there are cards to help you along the way.

Everyone that’s played the game with me in the last couple of weeks has enjoyed it. We played it a couple of times during the Extravaganza.

Pandemic: The Cure

Dice Game / Players: Me, Friend, Brother / Winner: the Pandemic :(

Speaking of the Pandemic dice game… I’m not actually sure why we played this game, because it isn’t new. Perhaps we just needed a ‘we know we like this game’ break. It was Brother’s last game before he went to bed on Day One.

I’m really not fan of Pandemic – I won’t veto it, but I’ll never pick it – but I really like this dice version. It plays more or less like the original but… you know… with dice.

Nitro Glyxerol

Action Game / Players: Me, Friend / Winner: Friend

This was a ‘I know nothing about this game, but it’s 70% off’ purchase. It wasn’t a total fail but I’m not sure anyone would pick it. If it were to be picked, I would enjoy playing it. I certainly wouldn’t be the one to pick it, though.

Nitro Glyxerol is like one of those kids’ hand-held ‘shake the marble into the hole’ things, but in game form. You need to shake a make to get little cubes into the right order according to cards randomly drawn into the centre.

LEGO Pirate Plank

Action Game / Players: Me, Friend / Winner: Friend

This LEGO game was a thrift shop find. It’s a fun, cute game, although I’m disappointed that building the board isn’t part of the actual game. You build it all the first time and then start the game.

We finished about 4:30 in the morning and decided to get some sleep. :)

Legendary: Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Deck Building Game / Players: Me, Friend, Brother / Winner: Friend

We’re a fan of deck building games, owning the DC Deck Building Game, Legendary: Marvel, and now Legendary: Buffy. The mechanics are pretty much the same as the Marvel version, with the addition of courage (like the shards in the Guardians of the Galaxy expansion for the Marvel game) and a light/dark tracker which triggers abilities on some cards or characters. We managed to defeat all the baddies and Friend had the most victory points.

Bob Ross: Art of Chill

Card Game / Players: Me, Friend, Brother, Mum / Winner: Me!

Art of Chill is another game that we played at the Board Room Game Cafe and purchased before leaving. It’s a fun game where players collect art supplies (cards) to paint Bob Ross works. Paint it before Bob (or the other players) and get extra points. It’s a pretty fun game, whether you’re a painter or not.


Party Game / Players: Me, Friend, Brother, Mum / Winner: Me and Brother

Taboo is a classic party game. Players work in teams to guess words using clues – as long as those clues don’t appear on a list of banned words. It’s not my idea of a fun time, but don’t hate it enough to veto it. But I’m not really a fan of these types of games anyway.

Forgot to take a picture. :(

Lord of the Rings Adventure Game

Strategy Game / Players: Me, Friend, Brother, Mum / Winner: Friend

This version of the Lord of the Rings game is… fine. It’s a movie tie-in and I like that it encompasses all three movies. My mother has another LotR game, but it’s only for the first movie and seems to be designed so that you have to buy the other games as they came out (if they came out). This game seems to be very true to the the movies/books. It’s in your best interest to explore the entire board to gain supplies or abilities, but that does make the game unnecessarily long. Also, all characters need to be played, which requires players to play more than one character. So, I played the bad side and everyone else played the other characters. The character tokens for Merry and Pippen are so similar we kept getting them mixed up and finally had to substitute markers from another game in order to keep them straight.

Regardless, the game play was fun. I would definitely play again. The good guys won, and Friend had the most victory points.

Knit Wit

Word Game / Players: Me, Friend, Brother, Mum / Winner: Friend

Knit Wit is a fun, though challenging, word game. Although it uses knitting and sewing as its design them, it really has nothing to do with that, so don’t let that put you off if you think you need to be a knitter to play the game. The point of the game is to come up with words or phrases that link together one or more word prompts.


Dice Game / Players: Me, Friend, Dad, Mum / Winner: Friend

Sagrada is a very pretty dice placement game with the theme of stained glass cathedral windows. It’s pretty simple – place dice according to both a randomly drawn design map, and a few placement rules. There’s something about it that I don’t like, but don’t really know what it was. Maybe I was just tired.

DC Deck Building

Deck Building / Players: Me, Friend / Winner: we played two games and we each one a game

Not much to say about the DC Deck Building game. It’s an old faithful. We played without expansions. Killed the bad guys both times.

Board Games Results:

Me: 6/19 32%
Mum: 0/7 0% :(
Dad: 3/5 60%
Brother: 2/10 20%
Friend: 8/19 42%

Dad was the winner of the day(s)! (Followed by Friend)

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