billy the bear travels to Europe

Two years ago, I travelled to Turkey and Morocco. Luke Skywalker, in his LEGO minifig form, accompanied me. It was a great way to do a quick summary of my trip as soon as I got home. So why not do it again? I bought Billy “the Bear” Bishop with me on my travels to Europe. ‘We’ were there, with my aunt, to tour some of the battlefields, cemeteries, and other World War One and Two sites of Europe.

Billy the Bear Travels to Europe

Starter Weekend

March 31st
March 31st – we catch a train from Halifax to Toronto.
April 1st
April 1st – Stopped during my train trip for lunch in Ottawa with friends.
April 2nd
April 2nd – Spend the weekend in Toronto visiting family. Billy found a plane to fly!

GoAhead Battlefield Tour

April 3rd
April 3rd – We fly from Toronto to Paris.
April 4th
April 4th – Our first real stop on our European vacation is Shakespeare and Company – a bookstore and coffee shop across the street from Notre Dame. Beautiful location. I could have sat there all day.
April 5th
April 5th – Of course we stop at the Eiffel Tower on our tour of Paris.
April 6th
April 6th – We stopped at the beach of Dieppe.
April 7th
April 7th – Billy got left behind at the hotel while I visited D-Day Landing beaches. But I took him out for a sunset stroll on the beach when I got back to make up for it.
April 8th
April 8th – As we left Normandy, we stopped in Rouen. Here, Billy poses in front of the Church of Joan of Arc, supposedly located in the square where she died.
April 9th
April 9th – The Main Event – the Vimy 100 ceremony. The border guy at Charles de Gaulle was nice enough to very carefully stamp the Vimy Ridge page of my passport when I entered France. I thought it was fitting.
April 10th
April 10th – We visit the Newfoundland Memorial at Beaumont-Hamel.
April 11th
April 11th – Euro road trip tradition for me – truck stop Magnums.
April 11th
April 11th – Skyline of Mechelen, Belgium.
April 12th
April 12th – Amsterdam, near the Anne Frank House.
April 12th
April 12th – a bonus photo, because you can’t go to The Netherlands, and not have a photo of a windmill.

Flanders, Belgium

April 13th
April 13th – We travelled to my old home and ate supper at one of our favourite restaurants. Too bad we arrived pretty late in the day, and were tired and sick and didn’t have a lot of time there.
April 14th
April 14th – Cloth Market (now the In Flanders Fields museum), Ieper, Belgium.
April 15th
April 15th – Having a (Passchendaele) beer and lunch at Hill 62.

Krakow, Poland

April 16th
April 16th – First stop in Poland? Pierogi.
April 17th
April 17th – After a long day at Auschwitz, we unwound at the Hard Rock Cafe. It was the only HRC I was able to visit of the possible 6 in the trip.
April 18th
April 18th – Last stop on the trip – the beautiful Salt Mines near Krawkow.
April 19th
April 19th – Waiting for the final flight of the day. Toronto to Halifax. Trip over. :(

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