Billy goes on vacation France and Jordan

Hi! My name is Billy “The Bear” Bishop! This month I went on vacation with Justine! We visited France and travelled through Jordan. It was super fun. Justine’s pretty tired, came home pretty sick, and she’ll be going through all her photos next month. (You can follow her on Twitch and watch her go through them live!)  For now, I thought I’d show you what we did!


Day One – November 7th

We headed to Halifax for a few days. I was too busy eating to be in the photo. nom nom

Day Two – November 8th

Spent the day promoting Justine’s new book!

Day Three – November 9th

After some more book promotion, we headed to the airport for our flight to Paris.


Day Four – November 10th

After landing in France, we took a train to Arras where we spent the next couple of days.

Day Five – November 11th

We spent Remembrance Day at Canada’s National Memorial at Vimy Ridge.  We walked about 37km!

Day Six – November 12th

We explored the town of Arras today. I’m here with my friend Wee Haggis. (He was made by Justine’s mum and lives on her camera.)

Also, Justine ate snails. EW!

Day Seven – November 13th

Justine had fun exploring all her favourite places in Paris, today. Here we’re having a beer at the art market near the Basilica of the Sacred Heart.

Day Eight – November 14th

Flight from Paris, France to Amman, Jordan, via Dubai. Flying Emirates was on Justine’s bucket list. She was pleased!

Day Nine – November 15th

We arrive in Amman, Jordan!

Day Ten – November 16th

Starting our Jordanian adventure! We visited the ruins at Jerash.

Day Eleven – November 17th

Working with an NGO in Jordan – teaching photography to children!

Day Twelve – November 18th

Our first sunset in the desert – Wadi Rum. This is where The Martian was shot! Looked very Martiany.

Day Thirteen – November 19th

And our first sunrise.

Day Fourteen – November 20th

Today we arrived in the Petra mountains!

Day Fifteen – November 21st

O.O The Treasury at Petra. Amazing!

Day Sixteen – November 22nd

We swam in the Dead Sea!

Day Seventeen – November 23rd

Our last day of vacation. :( We spent the day exploring Amman and just chatting before everyone left.

Day Eighteen – November 24th

Finally home! So dead. DNR.

So that’s it! That’s our trip! To see photos from our travels, be sure to follow Justine in these places:

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