Vimy Ridge tour and exhibit crowdfunding campaign

Today, I am officially launching my newest crowdfunding endeavour. I am running a battlefield trip and exhibit crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. I could really use your support! If you could share this information, that would be awesome. If you can contribute, that will be awesome-r! So awesome, in fact, I’ll send you stuff to say ‘thank you’.


As many of you know, I’m pretty interested in military history. And travelling. And, oh yeah, photography! :)  This campaign will combine all three of these.




Battlefield Trip and Exhibit Crowdfunding Campaign

Vimy Ridge War MemorialThis coming April, I’ll be traveling around Western Europe (with a quick trip to Poland) to revisit many of the battlefields and sites I saw back in the day. I’ll also visit sites new-to-me, like Auschwitz. A lot has changed in the 16-19 years I was last at these places. Things like my photography skills and those newfangled things called DIGITAL CAMERAS (probably won’t catch on, right?). There’s even an entirely new museum at Juno beach that I’m looking forward to seeing.


I plan on photographing these sites and also taking part in ceremonies recognizing the 100th Anniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge. This is something I have wanted to do since my first visit there in 1998. To top everything off, I am hoping to put together a photographic exhibit of these photos, something that people have been getting after me to do. I’m hoping to do that around Remembrance Day 2017.


Except, exhibits are expensive, so I could use some help! That’s the main purpose of this crowdfunding campaign. I’m launching it now so that it can also help pay for the last installment on the tour, and so you guys can, if you’d like, get things for this Christmas! I have calendars, prints, note cards, as well as many more rewards.

Crowdfunding Perk Table

An Important Topic

Those who know me, know how interested I am in my family’s military background, and our collective military history. I’ve always said that everyone should visit these sites were so many suffered or lost their lives; where nations were born and died. Of course, that’s not practical for a lot of people. I hope that, with this project, I might be able to bring at bit of my experiences back to my community. Not only is 2017 the year of the Vimy Ridge Centenary, but Canada’s 150th birthday.  This seems like a perfect time for a project like this. I want to photograph the battlefields as they are now, and the people who, like me, are there to reflect on what the landscape has to tell us. I want to bring those stories and photographs back and share with the community.


Thanks so much for taking the time to read this. Like I said, as much as contributing would be awesome, I’d also really appreciate it if you could share this with your friends, family, networks, strangers on the street… you get the idea. :)


Thanks again!

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