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Coming Out of Hiding for a Good Cause

So, my last post was in April.  Sorry about that!  I’ve been trying to figure out my priorities with regards to blogging.  I think I have a plan, actually, that I will try in the new year, if not before. But I’m making an appearance now to share my new ‘do.  Those that know me, […]

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Volunteers Needed for One Day Program

From Junior Achievement: Time is getting short to sign up for Junior Achievement’s ESIS: Economics for Success for Annapolis Valley Regional School Board and we still need a number of volunteers. We still need volunteers: March 9th – Bridgetown Regional High March 9th – Central Kings Regional High March 23 – Annapolis West Education Centre […]

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Monthly Round Up for April

Once upon a time, I tried posting a weekly update on everything I was doing.  That… didn’t happen very often.  I think it was also pretty boring!  But there’s usually something interesting that happens at least once a month… so I thought I might try a monthly round-up and see how that goes. So what […]

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Catch up (NOT ketchup!) time… *thud*

It’s been a while since I’ve posted here.  It’s been a busy few months and I’m still trying to catch up!  Since my last post on October 18th, I’ve travelled to Dallas, planned and written a (almost complete) novel, spent a weekend in the city to see George Canyon, started volunteering, finished my first web […]

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Writing, travelling, cross stitching…

So… what’s going on with me lately?  Too much!! First, let’s talk about the fun stuff. I’ve posted a new progress photo for my Fairy Idyll cross stitch piece.  That will probably be last progress of any sort until December :( I’m still taking part in my (free) Social Media and Open Education course – […]

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Volunteers Needed – Middleton Area

“I am looking for volunteers for our Company Program in Middleton. The program is starting on Tuesday, October 20th at the NSCC Campus. The time commitment is one evening a week for 18 weeks from 630 to 9 pm. Company program is our program that allows High School Students in grades 10 to 12 the […]

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Locks of Love: “Sacrificing” a Prized Possession for the Cause

20 years ago I started growing my hair out from the short-ish cut I’d always had. 15 years ago was the last time I ever sat in a hair stylists’ chair. Through that time I could never imagine getting rid of my hair.  Even when it wasn’t the greatest, it was one of the things […]

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