A Europe Sightseeing List

I was recently chatting with someone who said she was going backpacking around Europe this summer with friends. I mentioned that I had spent quite Read More →

Aya Sofia

Three Months Ago, in Istanbul

According to Wikipedia (here and here), which I know is a shining example of excellent research on my part, there was, on average, more than Read More →


Luke Goes on Vacation

  So, SURPRISE!, I recently returned from a month long trip to Turkey and Morocco.  I brought a friend along! Tatooine Luke Skywalker (a Lego Read More →

Mt. Ebeneezer lookout

Australian Outback #tbt

Not throwing very far back this Thursday, but I was exploring a Lightroom tutorial and this photo was one of the best candidates for a Read More →


Jumping on the Bandwagon #tbt

So a popular thing on the Internet these days is #tbt – Throwback Thursday.  As usual, I’m behind the times.  Also as usual, I’m the Read More →


My Life in a Map

So, I don’t know if it’s new in Lightroom 5.7, or if I only just noticed it, but on installing and opening 5.7, I found Read More →

Rainbow across the way

Gran’s Place

One of Mama Kat’s challenges this week was “2.) Find a photo of your grandmother’s hometown and share it.” It’s strange that I don’t have Read More →

What not to do. Notice the distractions on the left - a third of a shirt and something on the ground?  I could have easily avoided that by moving closer, filling the frame up with more of my main subject, or just shifting my camera to the side.

Before and After

It’s been a while since I did a blog posty challenge thing.  I’ll admit I chose this one because it was pretty simple and mostly Read More →


Nicaragua Round-Up

As many of you know, I recently returned from a trip to Nicaragua (with brief stops in a few other places).  Eventually I’ll post some Read More →


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