The reason for the season! er... trip. "Two Pina Coladas", Garth Brooks.

April 2016 Review

It’s been quite a while since I posted a ‘Monthly Review’. I’m trying it out today because I thought it would be a good way Read More →

What not to do. Notice the distractions on the left - a third of a shirt and something on the ground?  I could have easily avoided that by moving closer, filling the frame up with more of my main subject, or just shifting my camera to the side.

5 Stories From Nicaragua

My 2014 trip to Nicaragua was a very people-centric trip, which was strange for me. The stories I tell the most are all about the Read More →

Hill 62 Trenches

Sanctuary in the Wood

I spent one of the most memorable, reflective, hours of my life ankle-deep in mud. In April 2001, I visited the D-Day landing beaches of Read More →


A Europe Sightseeing List

I was recently chatting with someone who said she was going backpacking around Europe this summer with friends. I mentioned that I had spent quite Read More →

Aya Sofia

Three Months Ago, in Istanbul

According to Wikipedia (here and here), which I know is a shining example of excellent research on my part, there was, on average, more than Read More →


Luke Goes on Vacation

  So, SURPRISE!, I recently returned from a month long trip to Turkey and Morocco.  I brought a friend along! Tatooine Luke Skywalker (a Lego Read More →

Mt. Ebeneezer lookout

Australian Outback #tbt

Not throwing very far back this Thursday, but I was exploring a Lightroom tutorial and this photo was one of the best candidates for a Read More →


Jumping on the Bandwagon #tbt

So a popular thing on the Internet these days is #tbt – Throwback Thursday.  As usual, I’m behind the times.  Also as usual, I’m the Read More →


My Life in a Map

So, I don’t know if it’s new in Lightroom 5.7, or if I only just noticed it, but on installing and opening 5.7, I found Read More →


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