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Scopes Monkey Choir

A quick post tonight inspired by one of the podcasts I listened to tonight. The podcast where music and sound meet science and skeptism. I’m not sure how I first came across this show, but I’m glad I did!  I’m a fan of music and I love science (even if I’m hopefully at both) so […]

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Why I Still Buy CDs

Yeah, that’s right.  I still buy CDs. Compact discs; remember those?  little round things that play music.  Smaller than a record.  What, you don’t know what records are? Here, let me wiki that for you: CDs |  records Alright, so everyone knows what I’m talking about?  Good, let’s continue. Where was I?  Oh yeah.  I […]

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2009: My Year in Review

January… In January I officially became “Aurora Lee”. Well, on the internet anyway.  I got the nickname “Aurora” last year from a fellow RPer – well, was given to my character by her character, but it sort of stuck with me.  Not to mention that it is a much nicer name than my previous online […]

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Someone’s going to see KISS…

Okay, I’m seriously stoked! I just bought my KISS ticket! I’ll be going to see them in July and I can’t friggin wait!!! :D When I first moved here it didn’t seem like anyone interesting ever came here, but then last year I couldn’t even keep up with the concerts!  Damn, I need to book […]

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