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Twitterpated: Nova Scotian Peeps

I joined Twitter quite a while after first hearing about it.  The delay wasn’t so much that I didn’t want to use it, I just didn’t know where to start.  At least on Facebook, you can start by making a profile, playing some games… you know… Facebook stuff.  But Twitter… well, I didn’t know anyone […]

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Twitterpated: Taz Records

“We aim to be the best record store you’ve ever stepped foot in.” Taz Records, on market street in Halifax, certainly lives up to it’s goal. It was about a year ago when, frustrated with your run of the mill record store, I turned to Twitter with a question. Is there anywhere around here with […]

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Wanderings: Alexander Keiths Brewery

“For a good time, visit the brewery.” If Alexander Keith were still alive, I’m sure he would scrawl that in some bathroom graffiti. Well, perhaps not, but it’s still true. The Alexander Keith’s Brewery, on the waterfront in Halifax, Nova Scotia, is an excellent destination for an afternoon of fun.  Many guided tours can be […]

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