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Corn Chowder

On the weekend, I decided to try and make corn chowder.  I looked through a few recipes online, but then basically threw a bunch of stuff in a pot and waited to see what would happen.  What I made was a lot more than ‘corn’ chowder… there’s celery, mushrooms and onions, potatoes, carrots, bacon… and […]

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Lots and Lots of Cooking

I had a long, long day yesterday cooking stuff.  I made… Rosti Bread some pizza pop thingies a few truffles Meat Pies Tomato Sauce Granola And Salsa and some ‘home made’ taco seasoning, that I forgot to put in the photo.

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Healthy Cupcakes

I’m not an expert on ‘healthy’ and while I’m not a ‘health nut’ I do like to eat as healthy, natural and local as possible (and convenient… and relatively not bank-breaking).  So when my friend Nuchtchas told me about Seltzer/soda water/whatever in cakes, I thought this was really interesting!  It wasn’t until this weekend that I […]

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Memories, Dreams and Reflections 2011

Ashley Sisk over at Ramblings & Photos is hosting a great little idea for wrapping up 2011.  I thought I’d play along.  She posted 25 prompts for which I’ve got a photo for each.  They were all taken by me, in 2011, unless otherwise noted.

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