Family Fun Night

One of my favourite things to do when the family is all together is play darts. It’s not very often that the family is altogether Read More →



I don’t have a lot of memories from my school years, good or bad.  But some of the memories I do have are of helicopters! Read More →


10 of My Favourite Things

In no particular order… /1. My best friend, S. /2. Star Wars /3. Writing /4. Photography /5. Hiking /6. The sound of loons on the lake on Read More →


10 Things That Annoy Me

In no particular order… /1. Summer bugs and heat and sticky ickiness. /2. People who shout to the back of the bus instead of sitting Read More →


Top 5 Travel Destinations

So… a little late tonight.  Still trying to catch up on blog posts after being away for a whole weekend.  Wow, I suck! Thought I’d Read More →


My Favorite Things – Auroras

So, today Mandy (@MandyBu on Twitter) started a “My Favourite Things”… thing on Twitter.  Thought it would be a good idea and also make me Read More →


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