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Freedom of Expression Exhibit

A travelling art exhibit is currently set up at NSCC Kingstec in Kentville, NS.  The Freedom of Expression in Broad Strokes is a collection of award winning political cartoons visiting select municipalities in Canada.  The only stops in Nova Scotia are Kingstec, where it will remain until February 1o, and Acadia University where it will […]

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Ice Dragon

Last night, the campus hosted their annual ‘Fire and Ice’ event last night.  I was planning on going, as I’d never been able to before.  With all the photo workshops and other things I had going on this week, I just couldn’t swing it this year.  Too much money and that also meant I would […]

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Eagle Watch 2012

After years of trying to get there, I finally went to check out the Eagle Watch today.  Eagles are prevalent in the area at this time of year and for two weekends during their peak time the community of Sheffield Mills organizes a festival of sorts.  They put out food in the mornings to lure the eagles […]

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Coming Out of Hiding for a Good Cause

So, my last post was in April.  Sorry about that!  I’ve been trying to figure out my priorities with regards to blogging.  I think I have a plan, actually, that I will try in the new year, if not before. But I’m making an appearance now to share my new ‘do.  Those that know me, […]

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Wanderings: County Fairs

When I was younger, we lived in Alberta.  I’m sure we had county fairs, or exhibitions, or whatever they would have been called, but we never went.  Maybe it was too far away, maybe it cost too much, maybe it wasn’t publicized enough and we never knew about it.  May we just weren’t interested. It […]

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2009: My Year in Review

January… In January I officially became “Aurora Lee”. Well, on the internet anyway.  I got the nickname “Aurora” last year from a fellow RPer – well, was given to my character by her character, but it sort of stuck with me.  Not to mention that it is a much nicer name than my previous online […]

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Catch up (NOT ketchup!) time… *thud*

It’s been a while since I’ve posted here.  It’s been a busy few months and I’m still trying to catch up!  Since my last post on October 18th, I’ve travelled to Dallas, planned and written a (almost complete) novel, spent a weekend in the city to see George Canyon, started volunteering, finished my first web […]

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“It’s Not an Option to NOT Do It” – Jordan Belfi at Breakout Before Moonlight

Jordan, as always, was drool worthy in his scruff and leather jacket. In fact, we told him that several times through the weekend. We told him (in better words of course lol) how surprised we’d been in Chicago and that after seeing him stride into the Q&A that day everyone stopped saying “too bad Alex […]

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“Mine Were Bigger” – Jason Dohring at Breakout Before Moonlight

Jason is always great at Cons. I couldn’t imagine one without him, even if he’s not the reason I go to them. Unlike Chicago, his wife Lauren was in attendance this weekend – unbeknownst for a few who ended their comments at the end of the Q&A with “don’t tell your wife”. The first question […]

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“I’m More Than Veronica Mars” – Francis Capra at Breakout Before Moonlight

Francis was not what I expected. Actually I’m not sure what I expected. Maybe I had no expectations. The point is I was pleasantly surprised. He’s a super nice guy, very down to earth; a huge World of Warcraft fan with a tough past. Although he would eventually like to be behind the camera, he […]

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