I love listening to podcasts! Just like documentary TV, they’re a great source of information on a range of subjects.  Of course, podcasts are more popular in certain areas than others.  I didn’t have any other ideas thought it would be interesting to make a boring list talk about what podcasts I listen to.  There are also a few YouTube channels thrown in for good measure.

I’d love to find more (well produced) podcasts related to history, archeaology, photography, physics and sciences, the arts… more away from the tech side.  If you know of any, please let me know! I love learning new things!  I’ve tried others in the past, but sometimes they just don’t make the cut.


BBC History Magazine
“BBC History Magazine’s podcast comes out each month, featuring interviews with notable historians talking about topics ranging from crusading knights, Tudor swimming, or the D-Day landings. It’s free to listen to, and all the past editions of the podcast, going back to June 2007, are still available online for you to download.”

The National Archives Podcast Series
From the National Archives of the United Kingdom.

Nova Scotia Archives
Footage uploaded from their video archives.

Tech News

Buzz Out Loud (CNet)
“CNET’s top tech experts reviewing the day’s tech news.”

Buzz Report (CNet)
Short, weekly tech roundup.

Car Tech (CNet)
Self-explanatory.  I only listen to this if there’s a topic that interests me, though.

Loaded (CNet)
A short daily round up of tech news.

The Green Show (CNet)
A short weekly round up of Green Tech news.

FLOSS Weekly (TWiT)
“Free, Libre Open-Sourced Software” Weekly show dealing with one topic or product.  I really only listen in if the product interests me.

Green Tech Today (TWiT)
Another show dealing with Green Tech news.

MacBreak Weekly (TWiT)
Weekly show all about the world of Apple.

Reporter’s Roundtable (CNet)
Round table on a ‘single solitary tech topic’.

Security Now! (TWiT)
Information on internet and computer security.

Tech News Today (TWiT)
Daily tech news show.

This Week in Cloud Computing (ThisWeekIn.com)
Not one of my faves, but I still listen to it from time to time.

This Week in Computer Hardware (TWiT)
Self-explanatory!  Sometimes it gets a bit over my head and I turn it off. lol

This Week in Google (TWiT)
News and comment about Google and the cloud.

This Week in Law (TWiT)
Legal news  surrounding tech and copyright topics

This Week in Tech (TWiT)
News and discussion about the week’s tech news.

Tekzilla (Revision 3)
Weekly tech news and how-tos and short daily tech tips.

Windows Weekly (TWiT)
Weekly Windows news and commentary.

Geek Stuff

CNet’s Top 5
A weekly count down of tech and other geekery.

Current Geek
Geek news, discussions and debates.  3 short shows + 1 hour long show week

East Meets West
“Welcome to the always hilarious, sometimes random and definitely bizarre podcast of indeterminate topics featuring Roger Chang and Tom Merritt.”

All about the fuuutuuuure!

Net@Night (TWiT)
Interesting stories from around the ‘netz.

Sword & Laser
Book club and info on sci-fi and fantasy literature.

The ForceCast
Weekly Star Wars news and commentary and Clone Wars Roundtables.

The Week in Social Media (ThisWeekIn.com)
Self-explanatory, no?

This Week in Start-Ups (ThisWeekIn.com)
Released two or three times a week, this show is great for any entrepreneurs out there.

This Week in Venture Capital (hHisWeekIn.com)
Another good one for entrepreneurs and one that I don’t always watch.

Tom’s Top 5 (Revision 3)

Another geeky, weekly top 5 show.


Dinosaurs:  Before They Were Fuels
A short  show discussing dino news

Dr. Kiki’s Science Hour (TWiT)
A weekly show devoted to one science topic.

Futures in Biotech (TWiT)
All about, well, biotech.

Quirks & Quarks (CBC)
Science news from the CBC

This Week in Science
The week in science news.

Other Stuff

Geek Food
A randomly posted video recipe.

This Week in Photography
Great photo podcast, but a lot of times I can’t download it :(

Food Mob (Revision 3)
Great culinary show!


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