Six Months In…

So… This blogging everyday thing has been going well.  I have a post up (between all my blogs) for every day of the year so far.A few days I missed because I got busy or wasn’t feeling well, but the next day I wrote two posts to make up for it.  This past week has been the worst.  I’ve almost caught up from my slacker week.  In my defense, it’s been a freaking insane week at work, even requiring several late nights.  Awards and Convocation season is fun! :)

Unrelated to that part of my job, I will be getting more hours starting next week.  That’s good for the wallet and the bills, but will leave me even less time for all my projects that I can’t even seem to get to now.  I’m not going to turn the hours down though, seeing as I’ve been asking for them for years.  Things always come at the ‘wrong’ times, don’t they?

About the only project that I’ve been able to actually work on continuously and meet my goals is this blog and, while I don’t plan on stopping again (I will finish something I’ve started for once!) I do wonder if it’s really worth my time.  Ah well.

Anyway, just thought after all these blog posts, I should give a brief update on life.


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