Stamps Are Cool

… right?

It seems like stamp collector = nerd.  I dunno, maybe that’s true, but I never counted myself as a ‘nerd’.  Geek, yes. :P  But anyway, I have been collecting stamps for over 20 years.  I even started pen-palling (remember that? when we use to meet people from all over the world via pen and paper?) to help build my collection, though it turned into a fun, interesting hobby in its own right.


from Diorama Sky on Flickr

I’ve got stamps from all over the world, some that I collected via stamp sales, or from pen pals; I even bought a collection or two.  I have too many favourites to name, but my concentrations lie with stamps issued by the United Nations and the Vatican, as well as Astronomy themed stamps.

The collection is currently boxed up at my parents house and I haven’t really messed with it a lot for a couple of years.  Of course, I could organize the collection (which really needs doing) if I couldn’t afford to add to it, but supplies are sometimes as much as the stamps.

Of course, this all made it really hard to attend the Valley Stamp Club’s annual Exhbition and Sale.  I didn’t even know there was a stamp club in the area, so part of the reason for attending was to find out about it.  They meet the first and third Saturdays of ever month (except July and August) at 1:30pm in the Community Room of the Super Store in New Minas.  I think I might check it out in the fall, as I’m pretty busy the next couple of months.

The other reason I checked out the show was, well, just to take in the hobby a little bit.  I haven’t attended a stamp show since 90’s so it was nice to go and browse and watch everyone with their tweezers and references sitting at the tables, browsing through albums.  What was not so nice was making myself hold back from buying anything.

All in all, I had a fun, if frustrating, morning with some fellows ‘nerds’.

(And I have to say, several of them were surprised that I was there)


One thought on “Stamps Are Cool

  1. karro radley

    Totally agree-cool and historical,in some way!When I was a child I was gathering these,too.I have them at my grandmom,in a box I made by myself.Sincerely,such emotions fill you when you are looking at them-people,cities,times on small papers in your hands.

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