A Scene from the Season Finale of Hawaii 5-0

“Kono, how did you fit all of those crime scene photos in your SkyDrive?”

“Well, Chin, I’m glad you asked!  You see, all you have to do is go to the website, click on this banner and you get 25Gigs free!”

“Wow, I thought watching McGarrett take down 10 men with both hands tied behind his back was amazing.  I was wrong; THIS is amazing!  What would we do without Microsoft!?”

I was listening to Windows Weekly and they were talking about Microsoft lowering SkyDrive’s data storage, with a loophole.  That was all fine and good and then, while washing dishes, I started thinking about Hawaii 5-0 and the blatant product placement put in by the execs and writers.  It’s not as bad as that Bing scene (I think it was Bing) from the first season but it’s still so, so very obvious at least to me in every. single. episode.  REALLY takes away from the episodes and I’m sure the actors can’t like it.  Product placement is a necessary evil these days, but the more subtle the better.  It’s actually even worked on me.  I bought an iPhone thanks to CBS product placement!  

Anyway, this popped into my head and made me LOL so I thought I’d share. 


2 thoughts on “A Scene from the Season Finale of Hawaii 5-0

  1. Missy Frye

    I hate product placement in tv shows. Bones is really bad to bring the vehicle they’re driving into the dialogue, but it’s usually subtle. Subtle enough that I can’t remember what they drive. LOL

  2. Aurora Post author

    oh yeah! I remember that now, with the self-parking thing. So yeah, I completely agree – it’s so obvious and annoying but, in Bones’ case, completely useless because I can’t remember what they drive, either!

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