It’s been quite a while since I posted a ‘Monthly Review’. I’m trying it out today because I thought it would be a good way to sum up my month, if only to myself, in a more visual way, when that’s appropriate than just in my journal or planner.

Monthly Challenge/Project

Starting in February, I’ve been choosing some kind of 30-day challenge or project to complete over the month. This month was to read every day. So far I’ve missed four days, which isn’t horrible, I suppose, but could be better!  However, I clearly haven’t been reading enough each of those days because I haven’t even finished one book.  I’m horribly behind on my (very small) Goodreads goal of 25 for this year!

Currently Reading: Operation Mincemeat by Ben McIntyre

Cross Stitch

P1070551I’ve been pretty busy the last couple of months with some other projects, so cross stitch had been put to the back burner. Most of those projects were over by the beginning of this month, but I was busy almost every weekend, so that didn’t really help!  I did get a couple of days in and worked on “A Fairytale Castle“, basically Neuschwanstein in Bavaria. Up to 60 hours in on this piece. It’s about half finished.



I started off the month with a trip to Ottawa. Literally. I flew out on April 1st (and I can’t lie – I was a bit worried about flying on April Fool’s Day. Not because I thought anything actually bad would happen, just because I hate April Fool’s). I was there just for a four-day weekend visiting family and friends, but mostly to go to a Garth Brooks concert! I wrote a brief blog post, mostly a few photographs.

Miner’s Marsh

Just a short, early morning walk last weekend before a monthly games day. I took a few photos and explored a new part of town I’d never seen before! :)



Falling DiceI took some time to try a couple of photography experiments this month. I tried to freeze some falling dice. After a couple of hours, I achieved some mediocre results, but it was fun to try!


I also attempted to photograph some fun with food coloring and water. I played with that for a couple of hours as well, but none of the photos were good enough to post.

Other Stuff

Zombie Posts

After a few years of pining over a few posts that I remembered to be good, but had been lost when another of my blogs died, I had a flash of inspiration and, after a few weeks of work, was able to recover them! I’ve re-posted a few here already and have the rest of the good ones scheduled to re-post over the next couple of months.


I relaunched my Patreon, though I haven’t actually promoted that fact, yet. Except I guess I just did! Just, you know, not very well.


We just wound up an awesome community event – Celebrating Children’s Literacy! I hope we’ll be able to do it again next year! (I hope to write a wrap-up post for that blog soon.)

Symphony Nova Scotia 2016-2017

I have picked out the Symphony Nova Scotia performances I’m going to check out next year.  I’m super excited for the line up. I do have two disappointments: it doesn’t look like Robert Uchida is returning this year and there will be no requiem on Remembrance Day, which they’ve done the last two years and I was quite looking forward to.  I thought it was a very nice way to observe the day. 

Monthly Faves

Finally, some favourites, and other things, from this past month:

Morning Calm
Favourite Photograph

Favourite Post: Photographing Architecture

Favourite ShareMuseum of Lost Objects: Looted Sumerian Seal

Favourite Purchase: Okay, well, it has to be my R/C BB-8, right??

Interesting Things I Watched/Listened to: An interesting, short, podcast series from the BBC – Museum of Lost Objects. And, of course, I watched Star Wars for the fifth time while I was in Ottawa. :)

Coming up Next Month

  • Final Symphony performance of the season: Holst’s The Planets
  • A Mother’s Day excursion, hopefully to Ross Farm Museum, which I’ve actually never been to before!
  • An trip to the city to see a Shakespeare thing.

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