So, I’m not really a ‘selfie’ person. I don’t take them as a regular thing. Having said that, sometimes taking a selfie is totally appropriate… like when I’m sitting on the steps outside the Sydney Opera House or something. Back in November, I visited France and Jordan and, of course, I took a few selfies.

But I’m, like, really bad at them. I look like I’m pissed off at the world and hate every moment of my trip. Take a look for yourself!

(Just remember that almost all of these captions are sarcastic! I had a great trip.)

Halifax TV spot
8 November 2018; Halifax :: One of two selfies that accurately reflect my mood. I just finished a TV spot promoting my new book. I hated every minute of it. The only good thing about it was when it finished and the fact that I was about to leave the country for a few weeks.
10 November 2018; Vimy Ridge Memorial, France :: Pretty much the reason I’m spending four days in France. Still hate it.
12 November 2018; Arras, France :: I’m at the Wellington Tunnels museum. I look like an idiot. (stealth elevator selfie)
13 November 2018; Paris, France :: My favourite spot in all of Paris. I almost look like I believe that.
18 November 2018; Wadi Rum, Jordan :: The sand gets everywhere!
19 November 2018; Wadi Rum, Jordan :: The bridge is about to fall on me, isn’t it.
20 November 2018; Petra, Jordan :: It’s only one of the most famous, beautiful UNESCO world heritage sites in the world. Carved thousands of years ago. Huge site. Amazing landscape. Yeah… I don’t see it.
21 November 2018; Petra, Jordan :: Day two. Clearly still not impressed.
22 November 2018; swimming at the Dead Sea, Jordan :: I hate the beach.
23 November 2018; Amman, Jordan :: The second image (like a bookend) that accurately shows my feelings. I was super beat and just DONE.

So yeah, clearly I had an amazing trip!

You know who takes good selfies? Billy. Go check out his selfie post!

And for some actual good photos from my trip, check out my Flickr Album.

Sunrise in Wadi Rum

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