Annapolis Valley Exhibition 2016

Another year, another Exhibition. One I’ve barely entered. Annapolis Valley Exhibition 2016 saw my lowest participation since I began showing in 2003. Technically, I didn’t submit any cross stitch at all.  I did enter a cross stitched Christmas ornament, but that isn’t actually part of the stitching category. I entered the full three pieces allowed in photography. In total, three of the four pieces received ribbons.


My mum also entered and received a ribbon. An artist friend took part for the first time and received ribbons on 100% of her entries! Congrats to them!


Annapolis Valley Exhibition ribbons 2015Updated Totals

First, let’s continue this tradition of seeing where we’re at.


Cross Stitch (Including stitching in the other categories)

1st – 18
2nd – 13
3rd – 8


1st – 9
2nd – 5
3rd – 1
4th – 1


2nd – 2


Annapolis Valley Exhibition 2016

As you may know, if you have been following along on the blog, I had really hoped to get a proper piece finished for Exhibition this year. It wasn’t to be. I concentrated too much on other projects in the first half of the year, and was too busy this last couple of months with travelling and other commitments. I don’t regret that, though. There have been so few entries in cross stitch this last couple of years (both in participants and the number of pieces entered) that I just haven’t really had the incentive. This year, there were two pieces entered in the stitching category, from two different stitchers.


For the photography, I usually try to pick the photos from those shot in the previous calendar year (as opposed to between exhibitions). For 2016, I looked through my photos from 2015, and so on. It shouldn’t be surprising that all three of the photos entered in the competition this year were from my trip to Turkey and Morocco. It was really hard to narrow it down to just three!

Annapolis Valley Exhibition 2016 - First place Christmas ornament
1st place; Christmas Ornament – Needlework
Annapolis Valley Exhibition 2016 - Third place photography
3rd place; Digitally Altered; $4.50
Annapolis Valley Exhibition 2016 - First place Photography
1st place; Portrait; Gift bag (Actual photo entered is a slightly different version of the one posted here and on Flickr.)

If you haven’t taken part, find out what’s available in you’re area and take part! You’ll help your local fairs and it’s usually pretty fun. The ribbons are super pretty, which makes up for the low prize money. The good thing about the Annapolis Valley Exhibition is the lack of entry fee. They simply take a portion of your winnings. That seems fair to me, especially if you’re just starting out and you’re not sure how successful you’ll be. Give it a try and share the results.

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  1. Oh, gift bag? Cool. Also, I’m super annoyed that I forgot to look for your mom’s while I was there. Next year.

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