Well, the 2013 Annapolis Valley Exhibition – my tenth showing – was a bit of a mixed bag.  I mean, I’ve got lots of pretty ribbons, but I wasn’t happy with my entries.

Cross Stitch

I almost didn’t bother entering any stitching at all, this year, except for the wolves.  I’m glad I did!  (Even if most of them were thrown together and literally the last minute).  Had I not, there would have been a grand total of three entries.  The amount of stitching has really gone down since I started showing.  I really hope people start entering again!  If you live in the Annapolis Valley and cross stitch PLEASE enter next year!  I’d much rather not win anything, than win ribbons because there was almost literally no competition.

Of course, that didn’t mean that I refused the ribbons and meager prize money.

Click on the photo to learn more about the stitching project.

The Guardian
2nd place; Non-Aida Category
2nd place; Christmas Ornament
Taj Mahal Tryout
2nd place; Specialty Stitches
The Pack
1st place; Aida


There were issues with the photography as well, though mainly in the printing.

The Capitol
2nd place; Digitally Altered
Margaretsville Lighthouse
1st place; Miscellaneous

One thought on “Annapolis Valley Exhibition – 2013”

  1. Just wanted to say your picture of the lighthouse is fabulous!
    The others are good too mind,but the lighthouse really got to me.

    Thanks for showing your entries,

    Guess it’s time for me to go sit at the base of a lighthouse for a few hours – even if it’s not foggy.

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