I was recently chatting with someone who said she was going backpacking around Europe this summer with friends. I mentioned that I had spent quite a bit of time in Europe and she asked if I had any recommendations.  I thought I would share those things here as well.

Before I came up with this list, I asked her a few basic questions, such as ‘what are must sees for you?’, ‘are you more interested in exploring history, nature, tourist attractions?’.  So this list is based on her answers. If you ask me the same question, I would probably have a different list for you. So, you know, ask me. :)  Here’s my list.

The Chase
A Snickelway of York
  1. York: This is a lovely city was a must see for me since I was a kid. It’s a architectural photographer’s dream and full of history (Vikings and Romans oh my!) My main goal was to go through as many snickelways as possible in one day; I walked the wall the next. You can read more about my visit here (please forgive the broken links in that post. I need to edit it.) You can buy the Snickelways book online before you go, or pick one up in York.
  2. Stonehenge: Fairly self-explanatory, yeah?
  3. London: Also needs no introduction. So much to do here!Now you cross the channel. It all depends on your exact preferences, so here’s a few options:
  4. Eurostar train to Brussels and make your way to Paris visiting:
    World War One and Two Battlefields of
    – Ypres: especially Hill 62 (trenches, a cafe, and a little museum); Wimereaux Cemetery (John McCrae/In Flanders Fields); Last Post at the Menin Gate)
    – Vimy Ridge
    – Normandy Beaches (especially Juno Beach (Canadian) and Gold Beach (British)). The Bayeaux Tapestry is also in this area.
    – Versailles
  5. Eurostar to Paris, or a ferry. Skip Ypres (which would be sad) but do the rest of #4
    Trench Warfare
    Trenches near Hill 62

    Vimy Ridge
    Vimy Ridge Memorial
  6. Paris: I wasn’t actually a fan of Paris, but if you’re in the area, you really need to go, right?  I was happy to spend a day in the city, seeing the sites. I viewed the city from the Sacré-Cœur Basilica during the day and the Arc de Triomphe at night. I visited the Eiffel Tower but didn’t stand in line to go up. Crazy talk!
  7. A Speck of Sand
    Sahara Desert, Morocco

    Morocco: No, this is not in Europe. This person said she was going to Spain, I mentioned that there were cruises from Spain to Morocco and if she was in the area of the cruises, it might be worth a detour.  Definitely hit up Open Doors Morocco if you’re planning on visiting this amazing country!

  8. Munich/Bavaria: Fairytale castles, scenery, World War Two points of interest including Hitler’s Eagle’s Nest (amazing) and Dachau Concentration Camp.
  9. Prague – A favourite of mine. Beautiful architecture, lots of cultural things to do (symphonies, operas, etc.) Here’s my blog post about Prague (again, sorry for the links).
  10. Berlin
  11. Monschau, Germany
    Monschau, Germany

    Other German Towns, if you happen by. Places like Cologne, Monschau, Hamlin (as in, “Pied Piper of”), Neander (like Neanderthal, for a reason).

  12. Amsterdam – history, architecture, ART!  Anne Frank’s house.  My blog post.

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