Well, this week has royally sucked.  I’ve been tired all week… kinda feel like I’ve got too much going on – and it’s only going to get worse starting next week when I start two of my three courses.  Only one of these courses I’m actually paying for, so if I just can’t do it, at least I can concentrate on just that one!  Not to mention that on Tuesday we buried a wonderful co-work who died from cancer at age 25.  I didn’t know her very well, but many of the others I work with did and we used the office as a memorial room for staff and students to visit.

Then tonight I got home to discover that my web host account had been hacked and I got suspended for ‘spamming’.  Sigh.  Got that up and running, but I’m freaking paranoid that it will happen again!

Good stuff…. I’m sure there’s some of that!

Let’s see… my 365 photography project is going well!  Though there were some close calls, I haven’t missed a day, though some may have been an hour or two past midnight.  So far it’s all photography or photoshop.  I suppose it will probably stay that way.  :)  I’m enjoying it so far.  If anyone has any requests let me know :D

I updated my Fairy Idyll cross stitch project page with a new progress pic.

I booked my flight to Dallas next month for Star Wars Fan Days III so I will definitely be going to that!! :D I also have a ticket to see Star Wars In Concert the night previous to the con.  I CAN’T WAIT!!!  If any one has suggestions for things to do in Dallas, please let me know!  I’ll have about 2 two days in total (spread over a Friday, Monday and Tuesday) for touristy things.

I think that’s about it for now :)


Currently listening to:  glorious silence ;)

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