9 days of photography

2017 was an incredibly busy year of photography for me. In addition to my three week tour of Europe in the spring, I worked on my photography almost every single week last year.

I missed only five weeks of shooting in the entire year. Two of those weeks I had no excuse. One week followed my Europe trip – I was busy unpacking, catching up, editing and, oh yeah, sleeping! The final two weeks were in the fall and were otherwise filled with photography presentations or markets.  Photos didn’t necessarily get posted to Flickr every week, so don’t go searching there to prove me wrong or something. :) Sometimes the photography was for a different kind of project, and sometimes the shoot was simply a failure.

Aside from my trip, the height of all this was August – 9 days in a row of major photo shoots or related things.

Nine Days of Photography in August

August had already been a busy month by the time this streak rolled around. I was participating in an eight-week long photography course and facilitating a photography course of my own. The week before, my aunt visited from Ontario and we attended a family reunion. I spent the weekend with my parents and already this week I’d gone to the city for a play. Oh yeah, and working all this time as well!

Day One – August 10th – Tall Ships in Lunenburg

Photo Buddy Number One (hereafter known as Thing 1 because that’s easier to type and Dr. Seuss is awesome) had half a free summer in between two years at college. She spent half the summer at “french prison” (as I dubbed the French Immersion program she took part in) and for the rest of the time she played local tourist. I tagged along whenever possible. Our first post-prison excursion had been to that play the day before. I’d planned to take some photos but we didn’t really have time so I’m not including it.
Lunenburg Panorama
We started for reals on the 10th with a trip to Lunenburg to explore and check out the Tall Ships. I seem to have bad luck with the town. Whenever I go, the people I’m with are generally in a rush so I don’t really get to explore. This day we were not in a rush, but it was so hot and Lunenburg is always there (for now) that I couldn’t be bothered. The Tall Ships, however, are not always there, so I did put effort into that part of the shoot! My favourite part was touring the Europa and the Canadian Navy’s tall ship Oriole.

The Europa Arrives in Lunenburg

After, we took a quick trip to Blue Rocks, but didn’t have time to really look around.

Day Two – August 11th – French Shore Day #1

Road trip! I travelled with Photo Buddy Number Two (Thing 2) and a couple of her friends down Nova Scotia’s French Shore. We left after work and drove down to Church Point where we spent the night. We explored the outside of the beautiful Eglise Sainte-Marie, had a sunset picnic and walk on the beach, and took some star shots at night before settling into our yurt!
The Adventurers

Day Three – August 12th – French Shore Day #2

The point of this whole road trip was to do a boat ride/island exploration. When we got up, however, it was raining. :( We didn’t want to drive the hour to the boat to find the excursion was cancelled, or get on the boat and island and get all wet and miserable with nowhere to get out of the rain. Instead, we decided to take the scenic route home, stretching a two hour trip to eight. We explored two of the amazing churches in the area, had tea at a lighthouse, stumbled across Digby Scallop Days (where we had lunch) and visited a winery or two. They day was just as fun and interesting as it would have been otherwise, just, you know, different. Hopefully we’ll do the boat/island thing this year instead.

Bernard's Arches

Day Four – August 13th – Moonlight Concert and Astrophotogrpahy

August 13th was the annual Moonlight Concert in Paradise. My mum and I try to go every year. I love the music and it’s such a beautiful venue with a wonderful atmosphere.

Drinking in Paradise

When I got home, I was still itching to take photos, and it was a meteor shower weekend, so I tried to take some star shots. My parents have a pretty decent dark sky and I managed to get my favourite milky way shot of the year. (I actually did quite a bit of milky way shooting this year, compared to usual.)
Spilled Milk Over Annapolis County

Day Five – August 14th – The Edge

I arrived back to my own home, after the weekend road tripping and at my parents’, on Monday. I got home just in time to drop my weekend bags and pick up the rest of my gear to meet back up with Thing 2 for another shoot. We had obtained permission to shoot an abandoned building in the middle of town, slated to come down later this year. I was disappointed with the shoot as a whole although I got some good shots. We rushed through the best part because it was in the basement and smelled terrible of mold and probably asbestos.

Cash Register

Day Six – August 15th – Shooting with Film

On the agenda for the photography class that night was developing the film we’d been shooting with the last couple of weeks. I was shooting with a half-frame camera, giving me 48 shots on the roll and I still had about half the roll to finish before class. I left the digital camera at home and went out for an hour of film street photography before class.

Cornwallis Apartments

Day Seven – August 16th – Tall Ships in Annapolis Royal

For a couple of months, Thing 1 and I had planned to go to Annapolis Royal on the 16th of August. It was only until this week, however, that we realized the tall ships would in on the same day. It turned out to be barely a drive by (float by?) so I’m glad we didn’t know about them in advance and come just for them!  We really just came to explore the town, visit Fort Anne, and take the Candlelight Graveyard tour.

Scotia Voyager

Day Eight – August 17th – Night Photography on the Bay

I spendt another couple of nights with my family. This turned out to be a clear night and I asked my brother if he’d drive me out to the bay after it got dark so I could play. I took some milky way shots and we did some light painting experiments with sparklers and lightsabers!


Day Nine – August 18th – Annapolis Valley Exhibition

Every year I say I’m going to leave the camera at home and just hang out at the Ex. Every year it’s a lie.

Phew! Then it was time for a break… but only for a couple of days…

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