7 Lessons Learned from Travel and Photography

As part of my 7 lessons learned from travel and photography, I urged you last week to put down the camera and stop for a moment to reflect on where you are. But maybe, sometimes, you should just leave the camera at home all together.

Lesson 5: Photos Aren’t Everything

I’ll admit, this is a hard lesson for a photographer, and the complete opposite to my usual advice – never leave your camera at home. So, maybe we won’t do this when we’re travelling to that once in a lifetime place. Taking a walk around your own town, though? Leave that camera at home once in a while and just enjoy the world around you.

If you do bring the camera with you, remember that good photos aren’t everything. Find the stories and concentrate on those. They will often become your favourite, even if not your best, photographs.


I was fascinated by this rose, abandoned on the floor just after security at Ataturk airport, Istanbul. Bored and walking up and down the airport at 3am, I first saw the rose when it was still in one piece.  Two passes later I found it like this, tattered and crushed after being stepped on, kicked around and abused by all the passengers, like the one you can see in the photo, passing through the image like the ghost of a broken relationship. A lot of stories in this photo, I think. I had to risk getting arrested and get some photos. (Photos at security checkpoints aren’t really encouraged. That’s my excuse for it not being in focus, anyway.)

Do you have any great stories that you didn’t get on camera?

7 Lessons Learned from Travel and Photography

Check back each week to find out what else travelling has taught me!

  1. Break the Rules and Expectations
  2. Photography Can Change Lives
  3. History is Important
  4. Reflect
  5. Photos Aren’t Everything
  6. 3rd May
  7. 10th May

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