Getting this annual post up earlier than last year! (Technically, this year!)

2018 Annapolis Valley Exhibition

Cross Stitch

As I stated in the last exhibition post, in all of 2017 I think I stitched 5 days for maybe 4 hours. Pitiful. The least amount of stitching I’ve done since I started stitching 30 years ago! I didn’t even start off 2018 very well. I managed to get two pieces done before Exhibition, but only one that I could show, plus an ornament.  Even that was thanks only to starting to stream on Twitch.

First Place – 11 or 14ct Aida – $4.50 – “Waterside Mill”

Waterside Mill

First Place – Christmas Ornament (Needlwork) – $4.50 – “Nesting Bird”

Nesting Bird


This year I’ve been experimenting with watercolour (and, soon, mixed media). I played around with some paint and paper and some wooden discs that I bought for a different experiment that I didn’t like. I actually had a few pieces that weren’t too bad. As there are no entry fees for the exhibition, I figured it couldn’t hurt to submit some and one actually won something!

Third place – Miniature Watercolour – $2.70 – “Pansy”


Two of my three photography entries placed. As usual, I pulled my entries not from my most recent shoots, but from the previous calendar year.

Second Place – Digitally Altered – $5.40 – “Sacre-Coeur Basilica”
Sacre-Coeur Basilica

Second Place – Portrait – $5.40 – “Shooting at Peggy’s Cove”

Shooting at Peggy's Cove

Fourth Place – Miscellaneous – $3.60 – “Golden Peggy’s Cove”

Golden Peggy's Cove

Stats to Date

Of course there are stats. It’s like you don’t even know me!

Cross Stitch:

1st – 21     |     2nd – 14     |     3rd – 9


1st – 10     |     2nd – 7     |     3rd – 2     |     4th – 2


2nd – 2     |     3rd – 1

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