2017 Annapolis Valley Exhibition

So, it’s January 2018, and I just realized that I never blogged about my entries into the 2017 Annapolis Valley Exhibition. It’s almost time to start thinking about 2018! I barely remember what I entered, but let’s see if we can recreate what I did.

2017 Annapolis Valley Exhibition

Cross Stitch

In all of 2017 I think I stitched 5 days for maybe 4 hours. Pitiful. The least amount of stitching I’ve done since I started stitching 30 years ago! Fortunately, I had a marginally more productive 2016 and managed to have three whole pieces to choose from and enter in 2017. Obviously I entered all of them. Thankfully, they all placed!

First Place – Specialty Stitches – $4.50 – “Mystery VIII Tryout”

Mystery VIII Tryout

Second Place – Stitched Christmas Ornament – $3.85 – “Stitch for Syria”

Stitch for Syria

Third Place – 11 or 14ct Aida – $3.15 – “Fairy Tale Castle”

A Fairytale Castle


Two of my three photography entries placed. As usual, I pulled my entries not from my most recent shoots, but from the previous calendar year.

First Place – Digitally Altered – $25 grocery gift card – “German Snapshot”
German Snapshot

Third Place – Landscape – $4.50 – “A Road Runs Through It”

A Road Runs Through It

Stats to Date

Of course there are stats. It’s like you don’t even know me!

Cross Stitch:

1st – 19     |     2nd – 14     |     3rd – 9


1st – 10     |     2nd – 5     |     3rd – 2     |     4th – 1


2nd – 2

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