2016 Star Wars LEGO Advent Calendar

I’m not sure how long they’ve been making Star Wars LEGO advent calendars. What I do know is that I was able to hold myself back from buying one for quite a few years after seeing one for the first time. Star Wars and LEGO? What more could I want? In 2014, I finally succumbed. I bought one for my brother’s birthday, a few months before Christmas, and one for me. The last couple of years, I just couldn’t justify the cost to buy one for myself, but continued to purchase them for my brother. I lived vicariously through him. :) This year, however, my parents surprised me with an early Christmas present – the 2016 Star Wars LEGO Advent Calendar!

Daily Breakdown of the 2016 Star Wars LEGO Advent Calendar

(Hover over the images to read the descriptions.)

My Favourites

A few photos of some of my favourite little mini-figs and models. Carrot-nose was featured on the box and I looked forward to him the most!

I used the following sites to source the advent list. Because I’m not good enough to figure most of them out myself.

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