In January I officially became “Aurora Lee”.

Well, on the internet anyway.  I got the nickname “Aurora” last year from a fellow RPer – well, was given to my character by her character, but it sort of stuck with me.  Not to mention that it is a much nicer name than my previous online handle, though I still use that old handle on fan boards.  When I looked at using the name in a more official capacity, I found that “Aurora” is more popular than I thought so I added the Lee.  In January 2009 I officially adopted Aurora Lee as my ‘personal’ handle and purchased aurora-lee.ca! With the new domain name came a new host (www.netfirms.ca) and, well, a ‘host’ of new tools to play with.  WordPress, Joomla and more.  I integrated many of these tools on my new site to experiment and learn new things.  It’s still a work in progress and when I get some time I’ll be streamlining it.

I’m also REALLY trying to post here at least once a week, but often find it difficult to think up things to talk about.  If you have any suggestions of things I could ‘blog’ about, let me know!


February 5th is my Twitterversary!

My Twitter AvatarI could have written about the new job I started in February that put “Web Designer” to my resume, but I’m choosing to write about Twitter.  Most people wouldn’t think it was something worth a spot in a “Year in Review” post, but I’ve actually found Twitter to be quite valuable to me.  I had wanted to join for a while, but it wasn’t until the end of January, beginning of February that I realized that I actually KNEW people on Twitter.  Many people I know in the Star Wars community are on Twitter.  The site may not be for everyone, but knowing at least a few people definitely helps to get the ball rolling.

I have such diverse interests and therefore, I follow A LOT of people: Moonlight, Whedon and Star Wars fans, cast and crew, creative folks, cross stitchers, writers, photographers, techies and over 500 Nova Scotians.  Some of those people I’ve developed (I think) a great twitter relationship with, not to mention learning so much more about my community, job skills and information on my interests.

What makes Twitter valuable for you?  For those of you not on Twitter, why aren’t you?


March, April and May were pretty slow.  This is probably a good thing, considering what was to come in the latter half of the year, but it will make it difficult to find 200 words to say about each month!

The most interesting thing that happened in March was taking my mum to see Great Big Sea.  I’d actually given two tickets to the show to her a Christmas present, on the condition that I got the second ticket.  (I’d also given her two tickets to Il Divo, but told her she had to find someone else to go to that one with her!)

Spirit of the West opened the show, which was great!  I had actually kinda forgotten about that band, but was pleased with how many songs I remembered on hearing them again.  Bought the ‘greatest hits’ CD from the Merch table.  Awesome to ‘rediscover’ that band!  Great Big Sea was great, too!  Great party band and mum really enjoyed it, which was great of course.

Though we stayed the night in the city, we didn’t really do much else aside from walk along the boardwalk and enjoy a nice sleep in!

Who’s your favourite “Down East” band?


They say the only two things you can count on in life is death and taxes.

TaxesWell, unfortunately, taxes were the highlight of the month of April for me.  Honestly, it was the most exciting thing to happen!  Actually it was for good reason, this year at least.  It was the first time I’ve never done my own taxes!

I’ve been working since ’97 and my dad has always done my taxes for me.  Last year he told me to take it to the ‘tax man’ so, like the obedient little daughter I am (ha!) I did so.  I was NOT pleased with the bill at the end of it! Luckily I got more than enough money back in taxes to pay for it.  This year, however, I wasn’t sure if I would get back enough money to pay for the tax prep bill (it turned out that, again, I had more than enough to cover it.  Yay!).  I thought to myself:  Self, how hard can this be?

Answer:  not very hard at all! I even did my brother’s!

Any tax stories from you?  (and I swear my year gets more interesting, or I never would have done this post!)


Can you perform the entire (Original) Star Wars trilogy… on your own?

Charlie Ross can!  He’s been touring with his One Man Star Wars Trilogy for quite some time now.  I’ve wanted to see it for years and finally, in May, the show came to Halifax!  I actually ended up seeing it one and a half times because I was an idiot and got confused about the theatre and on the night I was suppose to see I actually only managed to see the last half and the Q&A.  I’m glad that happened, though, in a way.  I think I would have wanted to see it that second time regardless!  It was an awesome show!  It is truly amazing what one can accomplish with no set to speak of, no props and just one person with a pair of overalls for a costume, when you have talent.

It was entertaining, hilarious, and a must-see for any Star Wars fan!  I really hope I have the opportunity to see it again, or his new show the One Man Lord of the Rings Trilogy, especially after the sneak-peak of Gollum he gave us!

Have you seen the show?  What do you think?


June… June was awesome!

Jordan Belfi, Me, Jason DohringI had quite a long vacation in England which, for me, isn’t usually that interesting.  I’ve been to England more times than I can count.  This time, though, was a bit different.

First, I got to visit York; a city I’ve wanted to visit since I was a kid and, despite all those countless visits to the country, just never got to.  Luckily I did this time though, for a few days, and I loved every minute of it!  I also spent a day each in London, visiting sights I haven’t seen before, as well as Brighton.  I also spent a week with my family and a weekend at a Moonlight convention hanging out with friends and meeting, for the second time, some very good looking actors!

Though there were some issues, the entire trip was a blast!

Scroll through my posts to find some more detailed information on the actual convention someday I’ll finally get a post up somewhere about the vacation as a whole.

Is there a place you’ve wanted to visit since you were a kid? Did you get to see it?  What did you think of it when you finally got there?


July was my month to rock and roll all night and party every day.

Well, not quite.  But I did get to see KISS in concert!  That was pretty awesome!  They had quite the line-up of opening acts, including The Trews and Econoline Crush among others.

It rained… which seems to be a running theme for outdoor rock concerts I attend.  Despite that, the show was awesome.  They performed in costume, which I wasn’t expecting (KISS is great, but I don’t really follow them anymore).  I managed to be in the front row for the entire show.  GREAT, and I love being by the speakers for the loud music, but… my threshold for loudness seems to be amplified fireworks.  That was a bit of a downer for.  Not sure whether it was being close to the speakers that made it a bit too loud for me or if I’m just getting old!

Reiterating that it was the loud fireworks that were the problem… not the loud music; makes me feel better.

The day after the concert I wandered the city and took in the Keith’s Brewery tour which was pretty fun!

Do you have any great concert stories to tell?


As usual, August was County Exhibition week.

I haven’t missed attending Exhibition since I moved here.  It’s always one of the highlights of the year, which is one of the reasons it made the list… aside from there not being a whole lot else interesting happening in August for me.  The animals, the displays, the entertainment, the activities… there’s always so much to do!

Competition wise, it was a poor year for me, but then I didn’t enter as much as I usually do.  I hope that next year will be better on both counts!  Still, I placed in both photography and cross stitch, so it wasn’t a total loss!

The other events and activities of exhibition were fun as usual as well, though there seemed to be something missing this year.  I don’t know what.  I’m definitely seeing less and less entries in all categories each year, which is a bit sad.  One day, there might not BE an Exhibition!  By Exhibition I had also started my 365 (daily photo) project, so looked at it with ‘new eyes’, posting something from the exhibition each day.

Are you a County Fair type of person?  What do you like about it?


September was my year to go back to school… again.

I haven’t actually been ‘not in school’ that many years.  There was a period of about a year and a half between leaving college the first time and starting university.  About three years between university and college number two and the same between College number two and college number three.  7.5 years.  Well, when I put it that way, I guess it IS a lot of time out of school, but it doesn’t really feel like it!

NOW, I’m studying Web Design at BCIT.  Why?  I’m not entirely sure.  I don’t want to BE a web designer.  First of all, I think HAVING to design all the day every day could get a bit tedious, I’m not good at marketing myself AND I think there are enough web designers out there!  I just find it interesting and want to have it on my resume officially so I can continue to get job full of awesome, just as I’ve been lucky enough to have the past few years.  (That pretty much means a nice, flexible office job where I can use my interests)

What do you think?  Crazy?  I think so!


October.  Plano, Texas.  Star Wars Fan Days III.

Matt Lanter, me, Nikka FutermanFan Days was awesome!  I had a blast both at the convention and touring around Dallas.  I planned a few extra tourist days and at first I didn’t think there was enough to do in the city.  Turns out I didn’t have enough time to do everything I wanted!  My touristy focus seemed to on architecture on this trip, but of course the main event was the Star Wars Convention!

Just like the Moonlight one in June, I had a blast hanging out with people I knew from the forums and meeting new friends.  For me, that’s always the best part of these events.  I can buy merchandise on Ebay.  I can get a hold of autographs and the information from other sources, but hanging out, in person with my friends can’t replaced in any way!

Of course, the meeting the cast and crews, checking out the Forcecast in person and being in that environment were excellent bonuses!  From the Star Wars concert the night before, to our final, lingering meal at Humperdinks, the entire weekend was a blast!

If you went, what was your favourite part?  And did I meet you?


50 000 words in 30 days.

As some of you may know, I participated in NaNoWriMo again this year.  My ‘novel’ still isn’t finished yet.  I really need to pull it back out and work on it, but just haven’t found the time yet.  It still needs about 5 chapters and as many edits!

The good news is that I won the challenge!  I reached 50,000 words on November 24th.  At the end of the challenge, I finished with 57,003 words.  I would have surpassed 60,000 but I didn’t do much writing the last weekend of November as I was starting to stress about how much work I had to do.  I learned a lot about how to plan and write a novel or story that I didn’t know before and I’m looking forward to using that learning in the future.  I already have an idea for next year’s challenge… if I don’t start it before then.  Also, Nano was inspiring! I usually have big problems thinking up ideas for stories that don’t involve fanfic, but I came up with loads of original ideas while writing my fanfic Nano.  Awesome!  Now I need to work on characterization before next Nano.


Yeah, I’m going to be lame and talk about what I got for Christmas!  Sorry, but I’m still kind of excited about it!

Star Wars Christmas presentsI had the most awesome, geeky Christmas ever!  I usually ask for Star Wars stuff, a few techy things among other things.  And before I go any further, let me just say that it’s just a tradition in our family to make ‘wish lists’ – long enough so the people buying have lots of choice and also so that you don’t know exactly what you’re going to get.  They started because family members just didn’t know what to get each other and didn’t want to by gift certificates or give money.

So this year… 100% of my Christmas was geekified!  It was awesome.  Tech-wise there was the pen tablet and digital photo frame.  Star Wars themed gifts: Cad Bane figure, Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, Clone Wars Season 1, Family Guy’s Something Something Something Darkside, the Essential Atlas, the Complete Encyclopedia, Force Unleashed and Millenium Falcon novels, and the Pop-Up Guide to the Galaxy.

A huge leap from last year when Star Wars was ‘too kiddy’.  I still need to explore all these awesome gifts!

What did you get?

I wonder what 2010 will bring…

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