Visit Me at Kentville Harvest Festival 2016!

KCPC Excursion to Fort Anne

This coming Saturday, October 1st, is the Kentville Harvest Festival in Centre Square and I’ve been invited to attend!


Kentville Harvest Festival

Harvest Fest kicks off Pumpkin People season in the Kentville area.


Oh my goodness, you don’t know what pumpkin people are? You are really missing out! Basically, they are scarecrows with straw bodies, and pumpkins for heads. The town sets up large displays throughout Kentville and local businesses and families also participate.  Many of the displays are created to match a theme – cartoons, careers, comics, whatever. The theme for 2016 is ‘at your service’.


So, they’ve got that going on. In Centre Square on Saturday, you’ll also find music from the Hupman Brothers, face painting, pumpkin carving, food, family fun, and more! For more information, be sure to check out the Town of Kentville’s website, or just swing by. It’s free, after all.


Come Visit Me!

And, like I said, the most important reason to check out the festival is me! … (Okay, obviously I’m not the most important part of it, but you should still come anyway!)



This all started after some discussion with people at the Town of Kentivlle about my photo walk, happening later that day. (There’s still time to sign up for that, so check it out!) They invited me to participate to promote this and some of my other activities. So, obviously, I’ll be promoting the walk – the reason this all started!


Kentville Worldwide Photo Walk

I am, however, going to take full advantage of the table space. It would be silly not, right? So I’ll be promoting pretty much everything I’ve got going on right now.


Note cards will be available at the Kentville Harvest Festival

When you come visit me, you’ll also find some of my note cards for sale. These are cards that I’ve had on eBay for a while. Now you can buy them cheaper and not have to pay for shipping! Great deal! They’re blank inside so they’re perfect for pretty much any occasion. I’ve used some of these cards as birthday cards and thank you cards.


Of course, I’ll also be promoting my Indiegogo crowdfunding project. As some of you may know, I’ll be travelling to Europe in the spring for a Battlefield Tour and to participate in the ceremonies marking the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge.


I’m also really hoping to put on a photography exhibit after the trip and a successful result of this crowdfunding campaign will go a long way to making sure that can happen.


In the ShadeI’m a member of the Kings County Photography Club. We meet on the first Wednesday of each month at NSCC Kingstec in Kentville and discuss photography (obviously), share photos, and enjoy photography excursions. I took the above photo on a recent club trip to Fort Anne. Many meetings also feature presentations on photography techniques or a member’s slide show. We welcome all skill levels!


I’ll have information about the Photo Club on my table, and be available to answer any questions you might have about the group.



nanowrimo_2016_webbadge_municipalliaisonFinally, if you have any questions about National Novel Writing Month, stop by and ask them! I’m the local Municipal Liaison and will have information available about the event and our local meet-ups.


I look forward to see you on Saturday!


Kings County Museum Fundraiser – Soldier’s Social

Kings County Museum Fundraiser

Back in August, I wrote about the Kings County Museum and, specifically, their Canadian Sniper Exhibit. I shared with you a video I had created, at the museum’s direction, to promote the exhibit which ends mid-November. They also have a new temporary exhibit called “Exploring Miner’s Marsh“. I haven’t been by to see it, yet, but it should be great! Go check it out! It’s on now until mid-December. The most important thing coming up, however, is the the Kings County Museum fundraiser – the Soldier’s Social.



Photography Tips: Shooting From the Ground

Photography tips - shooting from the ground

I’m definitely not an expert at photography; I’m no professional. I have, however, been doing this for a while and I’ve pick up photography tips and tricks that have worked for me and passed those on to others. One of my favourites is shooting from the ground. Sunny, rainy; sitting on the ground to lying flat out on my stomach – it doesn’t matter. I’ve often said that I can judge how much fun I had on a shoot by how dirty my clothes are.



Favourite Photo and More for August

Favourite Photo for August - School Street Fence

August, as always, was a busy month. Exhibitions, Natal Days, games, local road trips and more! But it’s all fun. I didn’t, however, take a lot of photos aside from my favourite photo. Mostly because I was an idiot (forgot to charge batteries for the biggest road trip) and I’m still getting accustomed to using my old camera. I’d really love to get my camera back from the shop… At least I have this backup! (more…)


Photography With a Friend: Sherbrooke Village Museum

Photography with a friend - Sherbrooke Village

I have shot in many places, near and far, and with many different people – photographers and not. In most cases, we each will have taken many photos in that location, and often of the exact same subject. Looking at our picks for ‘favourite photo’, I find it interesting to see how our views on the same subject can differ and, in some cases, remain the same. How did we approach the location and subject? What were our goals and expectations of the scene? How did the photograph reflect our personal style or interests? I’ve had the idea for a while to explore these questions in a blog post written with my photography partners. I’m hoping this will be a semi-regular series whenever I do any kind of photography with a friend. (Note to those I might shoot with: This is not a requirement for the outing!)


(This post was co-written with A. Main.) (more…)


Battlefield Trip and Exhibit Crowdfunding Campaign

Vimy Ridge tour and exhibit crowdfunding campaign

Today, I am officially launching my newest crowdfunding endeavour. I am running a battlefield trip and exhibit crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. I could really use your support! If you could share this information, that would be awesome. If you can contribute, that will be awesome-r! So awesome, in fact, I’ll send you stuff to say ‘thank you’.


As many of you know, I’m pretty interested in military history. And travelling. And, oh yeah, photography! :)  This campaign will combine all three of these. (more…)


Exploring Nova Scotia’s Good Cheer Trail

Big Spruce Brewery was my first stop of the Good Cheer Trail

So… Scavenger hunts. They are games that I’m never really interested in starting, but once I’ve been dragged into it, it’s fun and I NEED TO WIN! Then I came across the Good Cheer Trail.

Good Cheer Trail - Fortress of Louisbourg
Fortress of Louisbourg

Now, it wasn’t our intention to visit ten alcoholic establishments during our road trip to Cape Breton, but that’s exactly what we did! However, even though my travelling mate doesn’t drink, I had planned on a couple of stops. The first was a quick stop at one of my favourite breweries, and the other involved a distillery tour that she was interested in as well.


It was our first full day of vacation when we visited Big Spruce Brewery. We went into the shop to pick up a couple of things. Next to the register was a display of these blue “Good Cheer Passports”. We asked about them and they told us it was basically a scavenger hunt of craft breweries, distilleries, and wineries. Every time we visit a spot in the passport, we get a stamp. Three stamps gets you a ballot in a draw for a trip, but ten stamps gets you a t-shirt! (more…)


Join Us For the Kentville Worldwide Photo Walk

Kentville Worldwide Photo Walk

Although it has been around since 2007, I first heard about Scott Kelby’s Worldwide Photo Walk in 2011. For some reason, I thought it would be a good idea to run one in the Valley, and that I would somehow be the best person for the job! I’m glad I did, because it was pretty fun! That year, because it’s pretty much the most picturesque town in the Valley, I led the walk in Annapolis Royal. We have also walked in Wolfville. Since then, I’ve only missed them because of travel. I think this year, it’s time to bring it to Kentville! So, join me October 1st, at 5:00 pm in Centre Square, for the Kentville Worldwide Photo Walk!


Kentville Worldwide Photo Walk (more…)


Three Days at Sherbrooke Village Museum

Sherbrooke Village Museum - Renova Cottage

The last stop on our Cape Breton road trip was one of my favourites, and it wasn’t even in Cape Breton! We spent about five days at a cabin near Sherbrooke. My travelling companion took take part in a four day plein air oil painting workshop at Sherbrooke Village Museum. I spent the first day relaxing at the cabin on my own (mainly because it was raining) and I spend the final three days taking pictures around the village/museum. The museum also hosts a photography workshop. Unfortunately, that was the following week so… that was too bad. On the other hand, I made my own workshop!


Check out my photo gallery from this excursion at the end of this post.




Annapolis Valley Exhibition 2016

Annapolis Valley Exhibition 2016

Another year, another Exhibition. One I’ve barely entered. Annapolis Valley Exhibition 2016 saw my lowest participation since I began showing in 2003. Technically, I didn’t submit any cross stitch at all.  I did enter a cross stitched Christmas ornament, but that isn’t actually part of the stitching category. I entered the full three pieces allowed in photography. In total, three of the four pieces received ribbons. (more…)


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