Three Days at Sherbrooke Village Museum

Sherbrooke Village Museum - Renova Cottage

The last stop on our Cape Breton road trip was one of my favourites, and it wasn’t even in Cape Breton! We spent about five days at a cabin near Sherbrooke. My travelling companion took take part in a four day plein air oil painting workshop at Sherbrooke Village Museum. I spent the first day relaxing at the cabin on my own (mainly because it was raining) and I spend the final three days taking pictures around the village/museum. The museum also hosts a photography workshop. Unfortunately, that was the following week so… that was too bad. On the other hand, I made my own workshop!


Check out my photo gallery from this excursion at the end of this post.




Annapolis Valley Exhibition 2016

Annapolis Valley Exhibition 2016

Another year, another Exhibition. One I’ve barely entered. Annapolis Valley Exhibition 2016 saw my lowest participation since I began showing in 2003. Technically, I didn’t submit any cross stitch at all.  I did enter a cross stitched Christmas ornament, but that isn’t actually part of the stitching category. I entered the full three pieces allowed in photography. In total, three of the four pieces received ribbons. (more…)


Flash Assignment

January Blizzard - Flash Assignment

If you’ve been following along, you know that I have been working away on a series of free Coursera photography courses. The last one open to non-paying students, like myself, is Photography Techniques: Light, Content, and Sharing. Its last task is this Flash Assignment. I’ll be done with courses and assignments for a while, but I do have others waiting in the wings to work on in the future. (more…)


Monthly Review – July 2016


A trip to Cape Breton. Three days shooting around Sherbrooke Village Museum. Editing Promotional videos. Seriously no time for anything else, but a lot to talk about in a monthly review!

Monthly Review July (In Brief)

As I said, this month was very busy! There was certainly enough things going on to keep me blogging for a couple of months.

I took my annual trip – a short, local one this time. It was a ten-day road trip of Cape Breton, followed by almost a week at Sherbrooke Village Museum.

After returning home from the trip, I was able to get through a few photos, but mostly concentrated on a volunteer project and trying to get back into the swing of things!

The end of the month lead into a long weekend and I headed to the parentals’ for the weekend,. We were planning on doing Natal Day activities. We didn’t do much of what we planned, but I did get something stitched for Exhibition. (more…)


Light as Subject: An Assignment

Light as subject - Sherbrooke Village Blacksmith Shop

I have almost finished the assignments for this Coursera series of photography courses.  This second assignment for the Photography Techniques: Light, Content, and Sharing course was light as subject.

There were a few requirements:

  • The essential element of the photograph should be the effect of a light source
  • The light could not be from a flash
  • The subject could not be a sunrise or sunset
  • The photo should follow composition guidelines

Also, the theme for the assignment was “Light my Fire”, which I didn’t really pay attention to while planning the shots, or even deciding the one I would use. However, after choosing the photo, and then beginning to prep this post, I realized it was perfect! (more…)


Trafalgar Square – #tbt

Trafalgar Square for Throwback Thursday

Every once in a while, I like to participate in a little Internet thread – Throwback Thursdays. It’s a fun excuse to go back through my Lightroom catalog. That catalog goes back to about 1988  – From Abbotts Langley to Trafalgar Square to Ypres. Even though I was just a kid, and certainly didn’t call myself a photographer, some of the photographs are actually pretty good. Or at least interesting.  It’s fun to find pictures of places or events that I’d completely forgotten about.

Today, let’s travel back to 1995. (more…)


Shadow Shot Sunday – Sherbrooke


I arrived home yesterday from just over two weeks travelling around Cape Breton and Sherbrooke, Nova Scotia. I have a lot of of photos to go through, but here’s a little teaser in honour of Shadow Shot Sunday.

I spent this last week shooting in and around Sherbrooke Village Museum, with three days at the museum itself. Above is the shadow of a chair in one of the village’s homes.


Stay tuned for more photos and some blog posts from this fun road trip!

Check out the other great submissions in the challenges below. For a few more of my shadow shots, check out my Flickr.
Shadow Shot Sunday 2

Photalife My Sunday Photo Challenge

I’m trying to take part in more challenges and communities. I’m happy to check out more, if you have any recommendations! Just leave them in the comments.


Photographing Winter Scenes


It’s summer and gross and distrusting and hot. Let’s think forward to a cooler, more comfortable time of year. This was originally posted 19 December 2010 on my, now defunct, Aurora’s Creative Corner blog.

The calm of fresh fallen undisturbed snow on a field as it glows orange or pink with the rising morning sun. (more…)


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