A Changing Landscape

This is a multi-part ONLINE session!
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Title: A Changing Landscape: How are inclusion, diversity and equity concepts being applied in early learning programs?
Location: ONLINE – participate from home! *
Date: Three Sessions –  Wednesdays September 12th, September 19th, and October 3rd 2018 (You must attend all sessions to receive your certificate.)
Time: 6:30 – 8:30 pm (6 PD hours)
Fee: $70
Class: #5908
Registration: Closed
Facilitators: Dr. Beverlie Dietze
Delivery Method: Lecture/Discussion; Hands-on/Group Work; Online

Description: A three session workshop focused on culture and diversity.

Across Nova Scotia, neighbourhoods are becoming more diverse. New cultures, values, ways of learning and knowing, and perspectives about inclusive programming is influencing the roles and responsibilities of early learning professionals. Early learning professionals are confronted with new questions, challenges, and decisions about how to create inclusive environments that support the diversity among children and their families. This three part series will examine strategies to support early learning professionals in advancing their inclusive practices into their program philosophy, environmental designs and practices. Participants will engage in critically reflecting upon their own assumptions, cultural beliefs and values, which influence how inclusion, diversity and equity is applied in early learning programs.

Please note: Participants will be required to complete two exercises between sessions.

Please keep our workshop guidelines in mind.

About the facilitator: Dr. Beverlie Dietze is a nationally recognized researcher and educator on Early Childhood Education topics. She has extensive experience facilitating workshops on outdoor play. She has worked extensively with the Nova Scotia Department of Health and Wellness in advancing their agenda on outdoor play. She is currently the lead researcher on an outdoor play project with the Lawson Foundation.

IMG_0011* This workshop will be facilitated online.


  1. Internet
  2. PC (Desktop or laptop)
  3. Access to email (we’ll send you a link to the session).
  4. Headset (you can borrow one from us!)

Registered participants will receive detailed instructions and be invited to a practice session to test your technology prior to the first session.

It is the participants’ responsibility to make sure their equipment, including headphones, will work with the session. As per our policy, refunds will not be issued less than two weeks before the workshop.


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  1. Dear ECD Support Centre

    My name is Milly Makoti from South Africa, i am an owner of a nursery school called Sechaba Day Care Centre in Soweto. I have gone through your website/tweeter and i am quite interested in ECD online causes but due to the fact that i am running a community based centre and in most cases the centre maintained by us receiving money from funding and donations, most of the children are from
    disadvantaged families some of the single mothers , unemployed parents .

    I would really love for your organisation to support me to be able to join the interesting caused first being A Changing Landscape . I am also welling to send pictures of our centre and the nursary school childrens pictures, our email address is

    Millicent Makoti

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