Understanding and Working with Autism in an Early Learning Setting – Part 3

Title: Understanding and Working with Autism in an Early Learning Setting – Part 3
Location: NSCC Kingstec
Date: Saturday, April 14th, 2018
Time: 9:00 am – 1:00 pm (4 PD hours)
Fee: $70
Class Number: #2049
Registration: Closed
Facilitators: Nancy Ceulemans

No pre-requisites needed!

Participants are asked to bring ONE toy set. ex: a set of little cars, building blocks, a few dolls and cookery set, etc.

Description:  Part three of this series builds on the learned principles during part 1 & 2. It:

  • Includes some theory about the developmental steps of communication
  • Teaches you how to connect and play optimally with the child. This will be taught and practiced through role play between workshop participants
  • Includes some revision of previously learned activities, some new activities, and how to implement those activities during “play”.

The session includes some video material but will be strongly focusing on hands-on work thus requires full participation during activity exploration!

(Part three of a series)

Please keep our workshop guidelines in mind.

About the Facilitator: Originally from Belgium, Nancy Ceulemans moved to Nova Scotia in 2008. Nancy first studied classical music and in 1989 also obtained a teachers degree (with honors) with an emphasis on Early Childhood Development and Education. For ten years, Nancy was the director and teacher of a preschool and later became a practicum mentor for students in pre-school nursing. Nancy further developed her career internationally in a variety of educational settings in England and Switzerland. She was involved in toddler groups, taught preschools, primary classes and taught music and movement in elementary years. Over the past 10 years Nancy specialized in award winning approaches to help individuals overcome their difficulties in a daily life functioning. She teaches courses and workshops locally and abroad and runs a clinic in Hammonds Plains where the majority of her clients are affected by autism.