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Programming, Pedagogy and Curriculum Frameworks

This is a multi-part ONLINE session!
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Title: Programming, Pedagogy and Curriculum Frameworks: What do these mean in our practice?
Location: ONLINE – participate from home! *
Date: Six Sessions –  Tuesdays February 6th, February 20th, March 6th, March 20th, April 3rd, and April 17th 2018 (Your certificate will reflect your attendance. If you are unable to attend a session, we will adjust your PD hours.)
Time: 6:30 – 8:30 pm (12 PD hours)
Fee: $125
Class: #4865
Registration: Closed
Facilitators: Dr. Beverlie Dietze

IMG_0011Description: A six-session workshop focusing on programming within a curriculum framework.

Session I – Play-based learning and curriculum frameworks. What’s the Connection?  Curriculum frameworks provide core principles that support early learning professionals in developing and implementing play-based programs.  This session will introduce you to how curriculum frameworks support early learning professionals and children in planning for experiences that include Big Ideas, concepts, and unique programming within the early learning programs.

Session II – How do early learning environment designs connect to curriculum frameworks, play-based curriculum and children’s learning?  Children’s environments influence their play. The more interesting the environment, the more expansive the play and the explorations that children engage in. This session will introduce you to the relationship of curriculum frameworks to children’s environments and their play options.

Session III – Do curriculum frameworks change programming strategies?  Curriculum frameworks provide a foundation for an emergent and engaging program for children that encourages play, exploration, and discovery. This session will explore how curriculum frameworks influence programming strategies that support children, families, and philosophies.

Session IV – How can the programming process honour children’s inquiry?  Early learning professionals have many factors that they take into consideration during the programming process. Early learning programs ensure that there is a focus on inquiry, creativity, and play.  This session explores where collaborative and collective learning, reflection, and technology fit into the program design process.

Session V – Blocks, Art, Dramatic Play, Literacy, Math and Science. If, how, and why do they connect with curriculum frameworks?  Is there still a place for blocks, art, dramatic play, literacy, math and science components in programs that follow curriculum frameworks? Are the experiences implemented differently when following a framework? This session will examine how these curriculum areas are influenced by curriculum frameworks.

Session VI – How does pedagogical documentation inform programming?   Pedagogical documentation is often thought of as a way of telling the stories of children’s play and learning. When documentation is pedagogical, it plays a key role in programming. This session will examine how pedagogical documentation informs emergent and inspiring programming opportunities for and with children.

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About the facilitator: Dr. Beverlie Dietze is a nationally recognized researcher and educator on Early Childhood Education topics. She has extensive experience facilitating workshops on outdoor play. She has worked extensively with the Nova Scotia Department of Health and Wellness in advancing their agenda on outdoor play. She is currently the lead researcher on an outdoor play project with the Lawson Foundation.

* This workshop will be facilitated online.


  1. Internet
  2. PC (Desktop or laptop)
  3. Access to email (we’ll send you a link to the session).
  4. Headset (you can borrow one from us!)

Registered participants will receive detailed instructions and be invited to a practice session to test your technology prior to the first session.

It is the participants’ responsibility to make sure their equipment, including headphones, will work with the session. As per our policy, refunds will not be issued less than two weeks before the workshop.