Handle with Care Part 3

Title: Handle with Care 3: Expressing Emotions
Location: NSCC Kingstec
Date: Thursday, March 27th, 2018 (rescheduled)
Time: 6:30 – 8:30 pm (2 PD hours)
Fee: $70
Class Number: #4862
Registration: CLOSED
Facilitators: Laura King and Marcia Nickerson

Description:  There are many ways to express emotions, both verbal and nonverbal. It is parents and caregiver’s roles to pick up on these cues and empathize with the child. Young children experience a range of feelings, including happy, mad, sad, frustrated, scared, and excited. Learning to express emotions in healthy ways is a skill that takes time and practice. Young children need to test these new skills within a loving and patient environment. Parents and caregivers are role models for developing these skills. Children are constantly watching the people around them and learning from what they see. If they see adults who react to strong feelings with anger, aggression or isolation, they will learn to use these methods of coping too. When children see the important adults around them identify and cope with strong feelings in positive ways they have a better chance of practicing these behaviours. The ability to read and understand emotions becomes even more important when children begin to develop friendships and other relationships outside the family.

Please keep our workshop guidelines in mind.

About the Facilitators:  Marcia Nickerson has been owner/operator of Allegro Child Care Centre Ltd for the past 20 years; in doing so she has learned the skills necessary to sustain a project, work with families and children of all needs and has an understanding of early childhood development.

Laura King has been inclusion coordinator since 2011 and has worked at Allegro since 2008. She too, through her experiences and training, values working with the family and values the importance of supporting children at an early age.

We both have always had a great passion for mental health, through personal experiences, and have always believed that social and emotional development is critical for a child to develop into a healthy learner; Handle with Care reinforces our philosophy and provides the tools to aide with the facilitation of this for parents and caregivers. After receiving training in facilitating Handle with Care, we have been working with the master trainers in P.E.I., who have successfully introduced Handle with Care across the island, to take the appropriate steps to introduce the program to Nova Scotia.