Resource Spotlight: The Great Outdoors

The focus of this year’s Spring Conference is Nurturing Environments.  Outdoor environments are an important part of the Early Childhood program. To speak on The Great Outdoors: Our Ready to Use Classroom is Hanneke Bouter, director of Building Blocks Preschool here in Wolfville. In her session, Hanneke aims to “motivate you to take on the challenge of exploring and using [the outdoors] as your ready-made classroom”.

woodsLast Child in the Woods, new to our lending library. In it, author Richard Louv discusses the research around the need for the outdoors in early childhood, the challenges faced by educators, and provides hope for the future.

Want to hear more?  Come to our conference!  Registration closes April 18th, so this is your last chance to register.

This book is available for anyone to sign out.  Just visit us at the Support Centre or contact us to find out how to we can get it to you.  If you have any suggestions on how we can improve our Lending Library, or what you would like featured in these spotlights, let us know!

For additional resources, why not check out Kingstec’s Campus Library (or your local NSCC Campus)?  The library is open to the community and allows you to access books from around the province!  Check out their ECE resources.