Resource Spotlight: Learn and Play the Green Way

We all generate a lot of ‘garbage’ everyday.  But it doesn’t all have to be garbage.  You might find a fun, creative use for it!

Learn GreenLearn and Play the Green Way gives you ideas for taking some of these ideas and turning them into creative projects for the children in your program.  The book divides the activities and ideas into age categories and gives instructions and examples, suggestions for extended learning, and ideas for additional ways to be environmentally friendly.  It’s starts with an introduction and includes a materials index.

Reuse bags, cartons, fabric, file folders, keys, even wall paper and rug samples.  Create games, instruments, and toys, not to mention the possibilities for art projects.  Do your bit to help the environment and have fun while you’re at it!

This book is available for anyone to sign out.  Just visit us at the Support Centre or contact us to find out how to we can get it to you.  If you have any suggestions on how we can improve our Lending Library, or what you would like featured in these spotlights, let us know!

For additional resources, why not check out Kingstec’s Campus Library (or your local NSCC Campus)?  The library is open to the community and allows you to access books from around the province!  Check out their ECE resources.