Interviews – 60/365

Posted in Favourite Things on March 1st, 2011 by Aurora

Interviews?  For a ‘favourite things’ post?  Yes, I mean it.  I actually kind of like job interviews (exception: interviews with people I know).  I mean, c’mon, it’s the only time you’re encouraged to brag!

Strangely journalistic type interviews freak me out.  Go fig.

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Empty To-Do Pile – 57/365

Posted in Favourite Things on February 26th, 2011 by Aurora

Though I suppose if the to-do ‘pile’ is empty, then there’s no pile… but you get the idea.  :)

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Snow Days – 27/365

Posted in Favourite Things on January 27th, 2011 by Aurora

I love it when I get to skip work because of a snow storm!  Don’t get me wrong, I love my job… but who doesn’t enjoy a day off!?

As I was already wide awake when I found out about my day off I didn’t go back to bed or sleep in.  I spent the day cross stitching and was able to finish a project.  I’ll post pics later!

Are you in a snow day area?  What’s your favourite thing to do on these days?

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Project 2: A Day in the Life 2 – 23/365

Posted in 52 Projects on January 23rd, 2011 by Aurora

Last week I posted a day in the life project and said that I’d do it again this week, focusing on a more or less typical work day, so here goes…

Next week’s project should be more interesting :P

A Day in the (Working) Life

Tuesday, 18 January

0545: Drag myself out of bed late (even though I went to bed super early the night before) and quickly got ready for work.

0605: Check email, twitter, etc.

0615: Head out

0815: Arrive at work, mess around checking emails, twitter, etc.

0830: Start work.  We have to rearrange our lending library, then I need to do a bit of filing and register some people for a workshop.  I don’t take a lunch break so I much on my food and check a bit of the twitters through the day.

1230: Meeting to talk about online resources helpful to Early Childhood Educators and also talk about a website that I’m designing for them in my off hours.

1315: meeting over, time to get some routine tasks out of the way.

1430: Staff meeting

1500: Skip out of staff meeting early so that at…

1515: I leave the building to head down to the bus stop.

1535: Arrive at bus station, but bus ticket to the city that I will need on the weekend.

1550: Bus ‘home’

1730: Arrive at location for evening meeting.  Hang out, eat some supper I brought with me and read.

1830: kids arrive for Junior Achievement meeting.

2115: Head home for realz

2145: Arrive home. Check emails, twitter, GReader, chat on IM etc.

2230: BED and none too soon!

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Inbox Zero – 10/365

Posted in Favourite Things on January 10th, 2011 by Aurora

I despise having email in my inbox.  It all needs to be filed, deleted, dealt with or set up as a task or calendar item to deal with later.  My favourite part of outlook is when my inbox says “there are no items in this folder”.

So, if I must come back to work after vacation, there’s nothing more satisfy than clearing out the ole email inbox.

After three weeks I had 228 moderation notices for word press spam to delete from my inbox and clear from the mod queue in WordPress (remind me to turn off email notification next time I go on vacay…).

That left me with 76 emails (maybe a dozen of which were actually for me) to delete, file or deal with.

An hour and a half after turning the PC on, Inbox Zero had been achieved!  *happy dance*

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Day 10

Posted in Photoshop on August 14th, 2009 by Aurora
The World Under One Roof

The World Under One Roof

In the atrium at work we have flags hanging from the ceiling of the nationalities of people who work and are students there.  Here is one section, shot through the one of the windows in the main entrance.

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