Drum Solos – 55/365

Posted in Favourite Things on February 24th, 2011 by Aurora

The kind that go on and on and transfix you, draw you in, pound in your chest.  The kind that mark the downhill part of the concert because nothing can possibly top it.

drum solo

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Loud Music – 53/365

Posted in Favourite Things on February 22nd, 2011 by Aurora

…like, window-rattling-can-feel-the-vibrations-in-my-bones loud, bassy, thumping music.  Fast, hard.  Trance, Classical.

Freaking Lasers!


Thunderstruck Memories – 51/365

Posted in Favourite Things on February 20th, 2011 by Aurora

One of my favourite things… is when a song brings back a good or, at least, fun memory.

Like tonight, I was listening to one of my playlists to get me in the mood to write and Thunderstruck by AC/DC starting playing.  I was suddenly back in Edmonton c.1990 in the back of a taxi van with a bunch of my fellow Pathfinders.  We were in the city for our annual weekend getaway.  We’d go shopping at West Edmonton Mall, take in the Laser Light Show at the Planetarium and more.  This particular weekend we seemed to have the same cabbie every time we called for one.  I even remember his name: Sam.  Thunderstruck was all over the radio at that time, or perhaps he just had the song on repeat, but every time it came on he’d turn the stereo up to full blast (much to our leaders’ annoyance) and he and all us girls would belt it out at the tops of our lungs.

Other times it will be an entire band or record – Like anything from Motley Crue’s first few albums.   I immediately feel all the emotions I felt that winter when I played my Theatre of Pain tape non-stop on my Walkman everyday on my walk to school… sad, cold, home, fun, excitement all at once.  It gives me shivers.

Fun times. :)  What’s your favourite song-related memory?